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Alex has always been skilful, even before he knew about the MOM. A few months after Ale’s birth, his parents, John and Helen Rider, were killed in a plane crash. His uncle, Ian Rider took care of Alex. Prior to Ian Rider’s death, Alex was no different to any other teenager. Alex is friendly, polite, introverted and a highly intelligent person.

Alex is filled with many talents which he picked up from his world-wide journeys with his uncle; he acquired skills like scuba diving and foreign languages. Although he was very talented, he did not chive any opportunities to apply his talents to real life, until his uncle died.Ian Rider’s death and his ASS turning are the significant contributors to his transformation. The loss of his uncle ignited curiosity, ‘”Doesn’t that seem strange to you He always wore a seat 11). Alex had spent the vast majority of his life with Ian rider and he was having difficulty accepting that Ian Rider did not have his seat belt on, “You know he was always careful,” (peg. 11).

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This initiated his adventure of uncovering his uncle’s mystery begin and the cause of transforming Alex into a different person. His ASS training is another factor that significantly contributes towards his transformation.Prior to his training, Alex never received the opportunity to use his talents or build confidence. The training allowed him to grow out of his introverted nature.

In addition to Ale’s existing skills, with K unit, led by Wolf, Alex learned map- reading, radio communication and first aid. He took part in an unarmed combat class and most significantly he learnt how to operate a parachute which is how he saves himself later on. The ASS training greatly contributed to Alike character arc and his success in his journey.After he completed his short training, his confidence flourished coupled with his dark sense of humor; cheeky attitude and his indestructible determination.

Anthony Horopito has demonstrated an example of character arc in a narrative/ fictional story. He has attempted to connect the key events in the plot to build the protagonist’s character by making him more confident. The author has explicitly shown that Alex is not the same teenager he was, before the death of Ian Rider.