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Narrative Of A Chinese Immigrant Essay, Research Paper

A Chinese narrative

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After 12 hours of difficult labour work, Wong is exhausted and was fast asleep right after he complete every other mine worker? s wash. Wong is a Chinese immigrant from China. Back in China he was a husbandman provincial, who works 13 hours a twenty-four hours to gain some nutrient for his household. But 13 hours of work was non plenty, the harvests that he grew is merely plenty to pay the debt for the land Godheads, he did non hold any left for his household. Sometimes his household would hunger for yearss with nil but H2O. Life was particularly difficult for him because he was the lone grownup adult male in the household ; he has neither land nor money. Merely thing he can make is to work hard but it merely won? t work for them so when he heard that in America there are gilded mines that are engaging Chinese plants to work. He instantly marks up for the trip to America. But he does non hold any money for the trip so he was forced to sell his new born kid to a land Godhead and with aids from the neighbour he eventually got adequate money to travel to America.

First, with 5 other chinless they want to Hong Kong to wait for an available ship, after waiting for 26 yearss they eventually start their journey. And it was after another 68 yearss that they reached the Angel Island. In that 68 yearss it was like 68 old ages for Wong. The status on the ship was bad, worse so bad. Wong and the other some 10 people lived in one crowed room without any visible radiation, the room was dark and wet, and there were rats every where. And they were deficiency of nutrient for the 68 yearss ; they were besides short on H2O. The whole thing is really similar snake pit for them but nevertheless most of them survived, some of them drink their ain piss, some eat the rats and some even eat the other Chinese? s dead flesh. Hope is the lone thing that kept Wong traveling on and battles against decease. His hope is when he acquire to San Francisco he will get down his gold mine work so he will acquire his money and shortly he will be rich, and went back to China to go on of the land Godheads.

Unfortunately, things did non turn out as it supposed to be in Wong? s dream. After 68 yearss of long trip on the ship, when their eventually reached Angel? s island they have to make all kinds of review for wellness, diseases & # 8230 ; etc. Wong was forced to remain on the Angel? s island for some other 100? s yearss. By the clip he fi

nally gets out of there it is about been half twelvemonth when he left China.

Right after Wong got out of the Angel? s island he was instantly taken to the gold mine to work by a Chinese contractor. With 6 other miners, they were taken straight to the gold mine. The route to the gold mine was far ; it took them several hours to acquire at that place by truck. When they were on the manner to the mine Wong was so aroused, he is was really happy that he could eventually get down his work after this full long trip from China. But he did non recognize there is more jobs waiting for him on the route.

After geting the mine, Wong was assigned to populate in a crowed room with all other Chinese mine workers that work at that mine. The Chinese worker in the mine were treated severely compare to other Whites. They were given merely 1 yearss on rest twenty-four hours per 2 hebdomads and the Whites get like 1 twenty-four hours per every hebdomad. The other white workers have favoritism agianst the Chinese. And it likely that the Chinese look wholly different comparison to the White Americans.

After working acquiring the occupation in the mine, things did non turn out to be easy for Wong. He has to work 13 hours a twenty-four hours to acquire paid 4 dollars per hebdomad. Wong save 2 dollars every hebdomad when he gets paid and direct them back to his household in China. In his remainder hebdomad he has no where to travel to except China town. There he would pass his 1-dollar in the mah Jong house and he would salvage the other dollar for himself. After several old ages of working in the mine, Wong eventually gets tired of the work, he decided to travel out and open a Chinese eating house with the money that he had saved. After opening the concern it went out reasonably good for Wong, as the concern gets bigger Wong can? t handle the whole concerns himself so he hired several other Chinese workers to assist him. And that is when he met his 2nd wife-May-jin. May-jin is a window that her hubby died when he was still on the ship coming to America. Bing a individual adult male for old ages, Wong was lonely so easy Wong and May-jin start to construct up loves between each other. And eventually they got married. After they were married Wong stopped directing his money back to China and seek to bury his life and household back at that place. He does non desire to retrieve his bad clip and his hapless household ; he wants to hold a new life, a New World that he can populate with out any embarassement.