Stream Of Thought Essay, Research PaperEver inquire what a football participant is believing before or during a game? You might be surprised to cognize that football is non the lone thing on his head. Certain, they think of scheme and game program, but legion other ideas go through their caputs.WEEK 3: ECR at Canoga ParkI had merely come out of the game, we had merely scored another touchdown and we are know winning 48 to seven, and God am I of all time so hungry. I was inquiring what I was traveling to eat. Should my group of brothers and I go to taco Bell or Carl? s Junior. We eat Burgers every twenty-four hours, so we should likely travel to Taco Bell.

Without replying my ain inquiry, I was back on the field for another series of dramas. Four proceedingss subsequently I was off the field once more, still hungry. I ne’er noticed my left little finger is longer than my right one, does that intend they are deformed? There goes the whistling, it? s the 4th one-fourth, twelve more proceedingss and we can travel place as victors.When I came off the field I questioned my life. What if I died at this Very 2nd. Would I be happy with my life? What would my parents make? I think my life is pretty carry throughing for a 16 twelvemonth old Californian high school pupil.

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I made the varsity football squad, I got my drivers license, and I even got my Ma a gift on her birthday, it? s been a good life so far. How about my parents? They will be devastated by my decease. Their youngest boy, dead. All their hopes for me, gone.

OH NO! Mrs. Park told us to read another narrative and I still have to complete my essay from the other twenty-four hours, what shall I make? I guess I have to call off my day of the month, in order to pass Sunday watching football on Television. I see my friends in the bases, drop the balling around as usual.

I wish they could see me playing, but they are to busy holding merriment and speaking to misss. Wish I could be in the bases. I hope I wear? Ts have to sit following to a fat cat on the coach for the drive place, I am truly tired and want a place to myself.There is the concluding whistling, the game is over and we won! That is three in a row for El Camino.

We beat Canoga Park 55 to seven, what a slaughtering. I am still hungry.