Mastery levels of Filipino student are either 50% or below. They have greater difficulties in learning when they reach the higher grades while their level of learning declines when it comes to science and mathematics. International tests bear out similar results with Filipino students performing well below average.

The Third International Mathematics and Science Studies (TMSS) indicated that the average Filipino high school student performed much worse relative to other countries. Among 38 countries, the Philippines ranked second to the last in Science and Mathematics.Inadequacies in resources have been compounded by leakage through corruption, especially in the purchase of textbooks and construction of classrooms. Unlike other countries that achieve higher mastery because of fewer competencies. The Philippine curriculum covers a broad range of competencies, which result n low mastery levels. It’s not too late.

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It’s high time to consider the growth in enrollment and the needs of the students when formulating the budget. The increasing demand for learning inputs is critical in achieving a higher quality of education. Improve teacher education programs.The teacher education curriculum needs to be reformulated to address the weak points such as inadequacy in science and mathematics strengthen career consciousness. Redesign the curriculum to help improve student learning and achieve higher levels of mastery. Make bidding process for acquisition of textbooks and other supplies more transparent as to eliminate possible graft and corruption. Tap local resources as sources of financing for the acquisition of textbooks.

Implement innovative programs such as “Donate a Book”. Implement shifts in schools where there is overcrowding.Coordinate with local school boards and parents-teachers associations for successful conduct of shifts in school. Tips to be a Good Reader All boys and girls want to be good readers. All girls and boys need to be good readers. Do you know why? Stop and think.

How many times do you use reading in one day? It is good if many times. There are so many ways to use reading. Can you read the signs at the street corners? They tell you to GO or STOP. You must know what these signs say. How many times do you read in school? You read to do number work and to spell.

You read story books. You read from the chalkboard. Can you think of other ways?If you shop for mother, you must be able to read what each cost. At home, you read even more. Some books have many stories. Some are funny. Some tells about something new.

All of them were written to help you to be a better reader. Good readers read to find something. They think about what they read. Good reader reads to find out what the story is about, or to find out just one thing, or to find an answer that cannot be found in the words of the story. They think and put ideas together to set the right answer or it may be to find out what will happen.

In short, to be a good reader is read in different ways.