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Stress can be considered a change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain. Not all stress is negative. Sky diving can be considered a positive stress activity providing an adrenaline rush. Everyone deals with some level of stress. Simply going through the day to day regime of trying to get the family out of the house on time for school and work can be taxing, but not impossible with organization and time management. Stress can significantly affect a person’s health if they are overwhelmed with the many challenges life places before us.

For example, a person has been unemployed for two years; their savings account is empty; they have two children to provide for and they are in jeopardy of losing their home. They are constantly worrying and are tired, but can’t sleep or eat. They experience frequent chest pains and their hair is starting to fall out. This all is considered chronic stress. What should a person do with so much on their plate? There are many different ways to manage stress. It’s best to eliminate as many stressors as you can, and find ways to better handle the stressors that are left.

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The following are some simple things everyone should try to do: 1) Find time to exercise at least three times a week, 30 minutes a day. Exercise is not only beneficial for weight control, but for decreasing stress hormones. 2) Eat healthy meals mainly of fruits and vegetables, while minimizing salt, sugar, junk food, fried and greasy foods. 3) Get a good nights sleep and take time out to do something of interest to you. Lastly, if you can’t seem to handle things on your own, talk to a professional that may be able to offer some assistance or suggestions.

Questions How do the biomedical and biopsychological models differ in their approaches to health and illness? The Biomedical model of health uses only biological factors to understand a person’s illness. This model does not use psychological and social factors. The biopsychological model studies how thoughts, emotions, behaviors and social factors, all play a role in human functioning regarding diease or illness. What are the Type A, Type B, and Type D behavior patterns?

Type A – people who are tense, impatient, aggressive and have a high risk of heart disease Type B – people who are free of hostility and anger and have a lower risk of and have a lower risk of heart attack Type D – people who experience increased negative emotions and tend not to share these emotions with others How do psychological factors influence cancer patients quality of life? Positive psychological factors can improve the quality of a cancer patients life. Patients who have an encouraging outlook may be able to better handle the pain associated with this illness.