Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension
resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress usually occurs
during tense times such as family or social pressures, but school being the
main cause. Stress is brought upon mainly high school students and students in
college, but can also appear in children younger or even people older. People
out in the world study stress such as scientists and even parents. The essence
of this project is to figure out what causes stress and why specifically teens
are stressed. This is an interesting topic because the mind of a teen is
developing still which can lead to certain changes in their lives and drastic
changes in their mindset and attitude which can also lead to stress in some
events. Studying the mind of a teen would help people a lot because then
parents would know what’s happening to their child during their teen years and
how to calm them and figure them out better.


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negative behavior is not always linked to excessive stress, negative changes in
behavior are almost always a clear indication that something is wrong. Stress
can also appear in physical symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches.
Psychologists have special training to help people identify problems and
develop effective strategies to resolve overwhelming feelings of stress. The
importance of studying stress in teens is essential for discovering the brain
of a teenager.


Almost fully 83 percent of teens
said that school was “a somewhat or significant source of stress.” Just under 60
percent of teens said that having to manage too many activities was a “somewhat
or very significant” stressor. Forty percent of teens reported feeling
irritable or angry during the previous month, and 36 percent reported feeling
nervous or anxious. Just over a third reported “having lain awake at night” due
to stress. Some 32 percent reported experiencing headaches, 21 percent reported
upset stomach or indigestion and 23 percent had skipped a meal because of
stress. Basically, school can be a main cause of stress in some teens.


Stressors are a factor of stress.
Stressors are events in your life that cause stress. Some of the stressors
teens deal with include, moving to a new home and school, Dating, Tests and
homework, Too-high expectations, Sports and other extracurricular activities,
Employment, Social backwardness, too much to do, too fast or too slow physical
development, Family problems including abuse and alcohol, owning a car,
Relationships with friends, Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, Not achieving
something that you really wanted, and Money problems. When stress overloads
teen’s life, they’ll feel it both physically and emotionally. Their
neurotransmitters in your brain will begin to fail. Status is a big thing in
teens and most feel as if they didn’t fit in, then aren’t “cool” or good enough
which can cause stress.


Teenagers often feel stress due to
academic, family or social pressures. Students feel pressure to complete daily
classwork and homework assignments, finish projects and study for exams. In
addition to the quest for good grades, teens may also participate in
extracurricular activities, such as sports, student council, cheerleading and
clubs. Peer pressure is a teenage stress factor. Although your teen may have a
solid group of friends, her peers may pressure her to hang out in lieu of
studying, break ties with former friends that the core group doesn’t consider
“cool” or experiment with drugs, alcohol or sexual activities that go against
her morals or family rules. Teenagers can also feel stress at home because of
family pressures and problems.


Adolescence has always been a
tricky developmental period defined by fundamental, yet somewhat difficult
changes (physical, cognitive, and social) experienced by teens as they make
their way from childhood toward adulthood. These transitions trigger changes in
the way the teen sees him/herself, and the way that others see and treat him or
her. Kids are expected to do well, and are put on “success” tracks even in
elementary school. They have to do well, because it is assumed that all kids
will/must go to college, and not just that, but they must get into the best
college if they want to “succeed” and be competitive in today’s job market.
This is a lot of pressure on teens. Given the fact that the overwhelming
majority of teens today are tethered to a smartphone or other device that keeps
them linked on social networking sites, teens justifiably feel “on” all the
time. Their every move is judged by their peers, whether their peers are their
true, real live friends, or the 1,254 “friends” on Facebook or followers on
Twitter. So, the pressure is always on to be cute, clever, sexy, smart,
popular, etc…