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Strong Shadows Essay, Research Paper1.

I believe that Dr. Zuger chose the people she did because she was seeking to acquire a big sum of differences of infections the patients could contract and besides show the patients? similarities in life style and the similarities in the manner in which they grew up to seek and educate people on the lifestyle 1 must populate to set oneself at higher hazard for undertaking this awful disease. The characters all seemed to hold come from a place without much love from their household members, or they had something major losing in their life that could hold caused a great sum of emphasis non usually experienced in an mean individual? s life. All of them were uneducated and careless taking us to believe that Dr. Zuger was seeking to demo that instruction and duty are the best ways to forestall one? s contraction of this disease. Some of them got HIV from foolhardy life styles such as drug usage affecting needle sharing to harlotry while others got it simply by holding sex with insouciant spouses.

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The determination to pick this array of patients once more strengthens the fact that Dr. Zuger is seeking to state us that it is possible to acquire AIDS in many ways and that merely because one is holding insouciant sex does non intend that he is immune from its effects. These are likely a few grounds why Dr. Zuger chose them for her book.2. The human infirmity that Deborah Sweet possessed was that she was untrusty, she was ever seeking to acquire Dr.

Zuger to acquire something for her such as prescriptions for drugs that would sell on the street or acquire her to compose her a note to be allowed to lose tribunal.The human infirmity that Michael Soto has was when he foremost got the HIV virus and when he was utilizing drugs. He is a really nice and willing patient and does non desire to burthen others with his jobs. This defect was really difficult to make up one’s mind on because he was such a good individual.Cynthia Wilson? s human infirmity was that she needs aid and that she is uneducated. She thinks that they should merely be able to repair her job without a job and without hold.

She seems to be really thankless for all the aid she is having. She besides does non cognize how to learn her kids how to avoid going like her. Since she was non taught self- regard when she was younger, she can non learn her kids that dignity. Again, we find that deficiency of instruction is an of import generator of ignorance and a determiner of the likeliness of undertaking HIV and the manner in which one deals with it one time it has been contracted.Eddies Rios? human infirmity is that he is addicted to drugs. He tries to care for his married woman but he can non. He made good by acquiring his childs back and out of Foster attention and he loves his married woman with all his bosom.Anita Lewis? human infirmity was that she was excessively proud to take attention of herself.

She continually made alibis for why she could non be decently treated and was excessively proud to state her household about her illness. She had a fatal defect in that she would non handle herself as person sick, but simply empty her caput of all ideas of disease and hope it would travel off.Shannon Gallagher? s human infirmity in that she is a prevaricator and a cheat. To acquire where she is right now she must hold been a great prevaricator and cheat. It is a shame that she has wasted so many people? s lives and money merely to acquire the loveshe desires.The human infirmity of Jose Morales is that he loses so much because of HIV disease. He loses his married woman so misses her after he scared her off. He more than probably will decease entirely and his head is so changeable from the medicines he is on that he likely won? t even know that he is entirely in the terminal.

The human infirmity of Nancy Corelli is that she acquired HIV from her 2nd hubby. This portion of the book does non advert much about her yesteryear. She wants to cognize how much longer she has to populate, but I would anticipate that from anyone in her state of affairs so I would non see that a infirmity.3.

My favourite character would hold to hold been Michael Soto. He had such a positive attitude about acquiring HIV. He ever took good attention of himself although he was deceasing and covering with such a serious disease. He ne’er wanted to acquire in anyone? s manner and really goes out of his manner to set his married woman? s wellness foremost on a list of precedences.

4. My least favourite character was Deborah Sweet. She, unlike many of the other characters was given a 2nd opportunity at life.

After she was orphaned she lived with her Aunt that loved her really much but she refused to do anything positive come out of her state of affairs. Although I say these things about her, I wonder to myself how I would act. I likely would hold a similar expression at life. I would, like her, likely fault the universe and be bitter to many others.

However, I would besides seek to do positive of the state of affairs in which God had placed me. I, besides, would non fault my bad lucks on the colour of my tegument.5. I gained a batch from reading this book. I now feel like I have better apprehension of the complications that come about because of HIV disease and of the medicine used to handle it. Dr. Zuger truly made you experience all the adversities that these patients were digesting and it was really dejecting to hold to see the patients falling apart right in forepart of you.

It truly makes you think to yourself about how you would cover with many of the state of affairss in which these people were placed. It besides makes you see that there are many different reactions to a similar disease. It seems that this disease is non merely that of the physical organic structure but, more so it seems, of the head. To cover with this disease mentally is merely every bit taxing as holding to cover with the physical complications. It makes you appreciate the fact that you do non hold this disease and that you have the power to educate and halt others from acquiring it. There are non many other diseases out at that place that can raise up so many different reactions to the same state of affairs, and it makes you understand merely how awful HIV and AIDS truly are.

6. I would trust that I would be like Michael Soto. Although I can see myself acting like Deborah Sweet in certain state of affairss and during certain times. I would surely act like Michael by taking my medicines ritualistically and seeking to spread out my life span every bit much as possible.

Michael should be the function theoretical account for all people HIV positive and those that are non. The manner in which he behaves boundary lines on flawlessness and it would make the universe much good if all people could see how he behaves when faced with a terminal disease. It would surely convey many people “ enduring ” back down to Earth and do them recognize that they wear? Ts have it rather every bit bad as they would wish to believe.