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Fighting Essay, Research PaperThe drama Raisin in the Sun trades with an urban household and their chase of their dreams. The household has to work to get the better of the poorness that they live in before they can prosecute those dreams. This poorness is shown through the worn visual aspect of their flat. Rose and Mama try to do their hapless flat look to be a place in where there is still hope. Even so, the apparatus of the flat and the intimacy guarantee that struggles about single? s dreams are inevitable. The full set, along with the props emphasizes the household? s battle to get the better of their societal conditions and prosecute their dreams.Each grownup member of the household has his or her ain dream of the way that they want their lives to continue. The chief barrier between each individual and their dream is the poorness of the household.

If the household were affluent, Rose and Mama could hold their house, Beneatha could travel to college, and Walter Lee could put in a concern. This poorness is carefully shown in the set. The contraptions are evidently old. The icebox appears to one time hold been white, but now is stained with a xanthous touch from old ages of usage.

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They can non afford to populate in an flat that has a bathroom, so they portion with the neighbours. Though the bathroom itself is non a portion of the set, the walls of the flat are partly crystalline so the audience can see as the household and neighbours rush to be foremost to utilize the shared bathroom. The crowded metropolis background besides supports the thought of the household life in poorness. The edifices are close together and are non tall glistening skyscrapers, but dull rectangular edifices. They do non populate in a vicinity where people have their ain lawns ; they live where they hapless are pushed together and must contend to get the better of their milieus.Mama and Rose attempt to get the better of this poorness by doing their flat seem like a place. There stamp attention can be seen in the ornaments of the flat. The doyleies on the couch represent a hope that Mama had when she was immature.

She one time made those doyleies to adorn the flat, seeking to do it place. A coevals subsequently, Rose works to do the flat place. On the icebox bent images that Travis Drew. On the wall following to the door to Rose and Walter? s sleeping room hangs a image of an old relation of the household.

These things are hung with attention. They show that the household is proud, and that they are still fighting against this poorness. The attention put into the flat shows that they are still seeking to break their life. They have non given up their dreams and allowed their lives to fall to destroy.Though the household has hope, the intimacy in the house leads to struggles. The kitchen and the household room are connected, so everyone non in their sleeping room is invariably in contact with one another. Walter Lee and Beneatha are forced to be together, and they act out the tenseness over what will be done with the heritage money.

The characters can? t acquire off and speak because the flat is little, so when Walter Lee is shouting at Rose, Mama is at that place to hear everything. The characters have no privateness. The transparent walls add to the thought of deficiency of privateness. Even though the audience can? t see into the sleeping room wholly, they can see who is in the sleeping rooms and what they are making. The arrangement of the doors besides promotes interaction between characters because the doors to the sleeping rooms open to the household room.

The door to outside and to the bathroom is between them, so the everyone must go through through the household room to acquire ready in the forenoon. The intimacy of the characters leads to conflict over the dreams of the household members because Walter Lee? s, Beneatha? s, and Rose and Mama? s desires are different. They are invariably fighting to maintain the household together though the intimacy and poorness, while still seeking to make their single ends.Towards the terminal of the drama, the household sees that their push to achieve their dreams is destructing the household. They realize that they must work together to maintain their self-respect and to non lose sight of their dreams in the face of poorness. They leave the old worn flat behind and travel into a new house.

The new house represents a major measure towards making their dreams. The household knows there will be hard times in front, but they know that they can get the better of the poorness so evident in their flat and range at least some of their dreams.