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Fighting Towards Understanding And Awareness Essay, Research PaperAs characters transpire through a class of battles, the traditional writer carries them to a point of apprehension and consciousness. In the novel, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, characters are forced to confront this battle and finally travel on to make their epiphany.

However, this realisation doesn? t occur until after much desolation and harm has been caused.The bizarre Miss Havisham is one of these characters that is in changeless conflict with her emotional yesteryear. She uses her resentment against world by following a immature miss and developing her to automatically interrupt the Black Marias of work forces.

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After many old ages of privacy at Satis house, she employs Pip to divert her and develop her adoptive girl, Estella. She uses Estella as a signifier of anguish for Pip since she knows really good that Estella? s attraction will entice him in and capture her in his bosom. Although Estella is wholly unaccessible, Pip is still invited over and leaves the Satis house to the full tormented. Miss Havisham? s oblique ways give her enjoyment when she watches Pip suffer and yearn for a miss he can? t have. Besides, when Pip discovers that he is intended for? great outlooks, ? she continues to take him on doing him believe that she is the secret helper. Miss Havisham simply uses Pip as a pawn to play and work with in her game of revenge. Her function as a complete operator helps her seek retaliation to all world on history of her bad lucks.Miss Havisham? s luck rapidly alters when things don? T go as she has planned.

She watches intently as Estella throws herself at Drummle and realizes that she? s the ground that Estella migrates towards a adult male of low stature like Drummle. Sing Pip desolate and highly wounded makes her feel like she betrays person so unworthy of this sort of torture. Miss Havisham realizes that it? s excessively late to take back the yesteryear and alteration her punctilious ways. She can merely remorse as she does her best to amend the dishevelled state of affairs, as she sees that there? s non any class of action that would better it. She is no longer misanthropic and difficult headed. In a manner, to do up for what she has caused, she helps make full Pip? s petition to assist Herbert Pocket in the Clarriker house. She sees a new visible radiation and understands that her malicious game hurts the people who are closest to her and benefits no 1, go forthing her without anyone when she passes off.

Pip is another character in the novel that learns from his false pride and chesty ways that he hurts the people that treasure him the most. While go toing several visits to Miss Havisham? s house, Pip develops a clannish high quality over Joe and the remainder of his household. The standards at his common house could ne’er populate up to the life style that the Havishams endure. He begins to develop a disfavor of the? expectedness? of his lower category place.

After being informed of his helper, Pip rapidly leaves Joe to travel to London without vacillation and compunction. As the old ages go on, he frequently comes back to see Estella and Miss Havisham, but intentionally avoids traveling back place. After populating such a high category life style, he can? t travel back and associate with the common people. Even when Joe comes to see him in his ain place, Pip is wholly ashamed of holding Joe? s company. He even says, ? If I could hold kept him off by paying money, I surely would hold paid money. ? He is unreassuring about what Herbert and the other towns people will believe if they happen to see Pip and Joe together. Then, as he learns that the inmate is the helper, he becomes abashed and extremely thankless since it isn? t Miss Havisham as anticipated. Pip? s caput becomes so clouded by this new high society that he refuses to accept the people in his yesteryear.

Coinciding with Miss Havisham? s realisation, Pip begins to make adulthood and encounters the harm that he implements. He awakens to happen that he does hold a duty to Magwitch for his uninterrupted generousness. While Magwitch is in gaol, Pip visits and corsets with him every twenty-four hours as he becomes Magwitch? s merely comrade when he needs it the most. Signs of unselfishness appear as he in secret helps his friend, Herbert, even though Pip himself is in debt. He even refuses to take money unearned from Miss Havisham and Magwitch. Pip understands that his whole manner of life is superficial and meaningless to his life. He has to travel through important alteration before he realizes the true value of Biddy and Joe and how much he betrays the both of them.

When Joe hears that he is ill, Joe instantly comes and takes attention of Pip like he used to. Pip eventually sees that Joe has his ain pride and ego regard when he goes back place for the first clip in old ages. He realizes that Biddy won? t delay for him and hold her be the 2nd option like he had thought.

He patches things up with Biddy and Joe mutely and is no longer afraid to demo his face in their place. Pip realizes that people still live their lives without him and that he should non take friends and household for granted.Faced with a difficult lesson to get the better of and larn, these two characters turn out to be nice people despite all the adversities they may hold triggered. Even though they end up forcing off most of their closest friends, their realisation is admirable because of the forceful ways they attempt to repair things back together. These characters reach understanding and consciousness after their long battle with their interior egos.