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The Manhattan Project
needs to have a plan for control the building and implementations of the first
Atomic Bombs ever made. As a Project Management this is a special science
which, plans, organizes, manages and supervises the execution of an
organizational idea unto its completion using the available resources within
the stipulated time frame. In this project there are several elements which
need to be addressed namely: quality auditing tools and techniques, reporting
metrics in relation to Earned Value Management, communication plan used and the
management of resources to fulfil the objective of the United States of America
and at the same time satisfying stakeholder expectations (Verveniotis, 2008).
The success of the Manhattan Project is an overall matter which is entirely
built in the capacity of leadership, management of resources and labor and
oversight which is authentic and free of corruption.

Quality Auditing Tools and Techniques
Executed during Control

Project control is the
processing, management and interpretation of data to have stability and
influence over resources, labor and time while executing a project. These are
the quality auditing tools and techniques executed during project control:

need to be a plan for the Manhattan Project, not just saying we need to be the
first to build the Atomic Bomb, but coming up with a project that is going to
blow up the world. This entails: breaking down all the tasks, looking at the
scope of the project and creating the best possible plan. The planning phase is
one of the most essential part of project control for it focuses on management
of operations which culminate in breaking down tasks and assigning them to the
execution taskforce. President Roosevelt receives a letter from a solid man
Albert Einstein, a Nobel Prize Winner to develop the Atomic bombs for fear that
the Germans could be developing them. 
Secondly, it entails project evaluation and review structure which tests
the viability and the progress of the project. In case there should be
adjustment of constraints the project manager will control it. This is achieved
by setting of a committee which includes President and his vice.

Control-There needs to be a budget created that will allow
for the project to start, finish as well as a contingency plan for any
unplanned expenses. The Manhattan Project needs to be able to control all the
costs for this project. The project requires a clear cost control chart which
determines the stability of procurement process verses quality of the project
execution process. Project managers must ensure that the cost of the project
reflects the quality of the product. A research is done which entails
extracting of Uranium and testing of nuclear bombs in relation to their
Kilotons. Linear programming methods are used to determine optimal values when
it comes to combination of variables to get the most feasible value of the

Control-There needs to be a schedule made for the design and
build of the Manhattan Project. This needs to be strictly enforced. This
activity is a way for the scheduled tasks to stay on track which in turn
reduces incidences of delays which may otherwise increase the cost of execution.

Control-There needs to be a plan set in place to check the
quality control of the Uranium and other parts of the bomb. The concern is the
safety measure of the implementing body. By controlling safety and the quality
of labor for example, the project has expertise who have the best execution
skills to produce excellence.

Reporting Metrics to have been used

Value-this is the initial value appropriated by the
organization for the project. The project manager must look at the planned value
verses the behavior of the execution value to know how the project is

cost of the entire project cost is approximately $2.2 billion which needs to be
setup in the beginning of the project. When the project manager is cautious to
know how this actual value behaves, it is possible to sail through all the
activities with the planned value.

Variance-The Manhattan Project is given $6,000 to begin the
project but when the project is complete its cost is over $2.2 billion. It is
important that the project manager assesses the project planned budget verses
the actual budget even before the projects reaches its completion. This helps
in stabilizing the two elements to reduce the deviation from the actual budget.

of managing processes-There was a problem with managing of
the budget since the taskforce just wants to get the bomb built so the US can
say they are the first to create a nuclear bomb. Cost management processes
helps in minimizing cost and completing all activities with the little
resources available and as planned.

Communication Plan

The Manhattan Project
needs to set an effective communication group, to ensure that all information
is discriminated to the lowest level. Communication plan is the blueprint of
sending a message from one point to the other through a channel and getting the
feedback efficiently. In the project a context, there are three main elements
in relation to communication plan:

Tactics-There needs to be a plan setup for communication, to
let people know the progress of the plan, if there are any changes, and if
there is something unforeseen circumstances. Setup having meetings weekly and
as the project nears the end focus on daily meetings to ensure effective
communication. Secondly, there are weekly meetings with the employees from all
the departments where the project manager follows up the progress of every
unit. Furthermore, executive committee meet after every two weeks to report on
the progress of the project execution. The reality of the president chairing
the meeting makes it even better. (Shaw, 2011) suggests that executive
committee needs to meet frequently to direct the project execution process
effectively. Executive meetings help the project manager to have a rough idea of
how every department is working to attain the end goal.

Communication Tactics-When the scope of the Manhattan
Project is built that needs to be some rules setup for communication, this will
help ensure the project runs smooth. The Executive Committee should have more
frequent meetings on weekly basis since they are handling a mega project which
needs consistency and stability in leadership.

Resource Conflict

over Management of Finances-There will be some decisions made
that affect the budget that some people may not agree on but the management
team need to be able to decide amicably about the finances of the project.
Finance is a very critical element in this project and it brings about conflict
of interest in relation to how to appropriate finances as the project
progresses to the end. (Zogjani, 2014) suggests that a good leadership is that
which power is distributed with responsibility to lead and manage.

over Management of Labor-the departmental heads have a
problem with execution process especially when there is surplus tasks which
need a department to outsource some of its work to another department.

over Scarcity of Resources-Manhattan project operates at a
budget line characterized with scarcity and timeframe. Therefore the executive
directors have a problem with trying to minimize cost and at the same time
ensure the project produces a quality product.

Recommendation to Conflict Resolution

Power and Roles within the organization-when there are clearly
defined powers and roles within the organization, everyone knows when their
effort is needed. Finances need to be directed with an authority free from
corruption and fraudulence.

Enough Staff-if Manhattan project has sufficient
labor, it is possible for the United States of America to run its project
without turbulence of any kind. The Manhattan Project needs to come up with a
plan on what type of people are needed to be hired and the total amount of
personnel (Harpham, 2014).


In conclusion, methods of
Manhattan Project control are: planning, cost control, schedule control and
quality control. Secondly, the reporting metrics to have been used are: Planned
Value, Actual Value, Cost Variance and Cost of Managing Processes. Conflicts
are everywhere especially in project management. However, the conflicts can be
countered so that the project can continue as planned. There are methods of
conflict resolution which must be adhered to establish stability as follows:
defining power and roles within the organization and employing enough staff.










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