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Students, Philosophy, Jobs Essay, Research Paper1. What is the doctrine of the school?Q It is in the appendix ( in the first page )2.

Review the pupil and the instructor handbooks.Comments?Q It is in the appendix3. When are professional employees required to be in the school edifice? ( When do they get, when go forth? )Q They must come to the school at 08 O & # 8217 ; clock and they can go forth at 17 O & # 8217 ; clock.4. What clip does school get down? End?Q On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the school start at 08.30and it ends at 16.10Q On Friday the school besides start at 08.

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30 but it ends at 13.20.This is for the degrees 9, 10, 11.

For the other degrees school on Friday ends at 16.20.5. When do the pupils arrive? Leave?Q Atudents arrive at 8.

15 and leave at 16.20.6. How do the pupils get the school? Where are they coming from?Q They are coming wityh minibus services ( Akara truzim ) .

They are coming from everyplace from Ankara.From Ke? I? ren, ? ayyolu, Sincan, Eryaman, Batikent, Cebeci.There are no particular topographic point pupils come.7. What are the ordinances about pupils begin in the school edifice?Q There is a enchiridion given to the students.It is given in the appendix portion.8. Where are student cabinets and when are they allowed to travel them?Q There are cabinets merely for physical training.

During physical traing they can travel them.Locker are in the athletics hall.9. Once pupils enter the schoolrooms, may they go forth? If so, for what intents and where may they travel? Must they a base on balls?Q With permission of the instructor pupils can go forth the classroom.But the instructor can give permission merely for traveling to infirmary, to assistant of maneger.When they are late for the lesson they take a base on balls from the helper of maneger.

10. How are lateness & # 8217 ; s and absences handled? Who handles them? Who keeps the records?Q When the pupil are late for the first lesson they take a base on balls from the helper of maneger.If the pupils are late for the 2nd and 3rd lesson they are recorded to the absences of the students.If pupils come after four lessons ( a half twenty-four hours absences ) school call their parents and inform them.11. How are the subject jobs handled? Is there an explicit policy? An inexplicit one?Q There are two types discipline jobsQ Between the pupils: Both of them talk about the job with the counsel of the school and the counsel makes a report.

According the study the pupils are given a discipline penalty.Q Between pupils and instructor: Teacher makes a request to the general maneger.Genarel maneger direct this request to the counsel service.Guidance negotiations with the pupils and makes a report.

According to this study pupils are given a discipline penalty.12. Where are the playing Fieldss and When may pupils be on them?Q There are playing topographic point ( garden ) , spor hall.Students can non travel to these topographic points whenever they want.

They can merely travel during the tiffin and after completing the lessons13. Where is the cafeteria? Where else may pupils congregate, eat, survey?Q Cafeteria is in the edifice adjacent to the school building.Everyone can travel and eat there.There is no duty for pupils to travel and eat in the cafeteria.Students can eat from canteen.

14. Where may pupils travel after tiffin? When? who is in charge?q They can travel merely to the playing place.But since after the tiffin the lessons start once more they can non travel anyplace.15. May your pupils chew gum or eat/drink in category? School policy or instructors & # 8217 ; ?Q No, they may non eat and imbibe in the category during the lessons.If the instructor face with this job, foremost they talk with the pupil at the terminal of the lesson.

If the pupils do the same thing, they are sent to the helper maneger16. What are fortunes under which a pupil may remain at school without module supervising?Q Merely for making prep with computing machine they can take permission from the instructor who is responsible from the computing machines.17. Who erases the board and prepares the room for following twenty-four hours & # 8217 ; s activities?Q Everyday one pupil is responsible from the cleaning the board and fix the calssroom for the following twenty-four hours activity.18.

Who is the nurse, where is her or his office, what is her or his agenda, and what is the process for directing a pupils to see him or her?Q There is an infirmary service.There are a nurse and a physician working in the service.The service is in the entarence of the school building.

The first intervention is done to thvitamin E patient by this service.19. What should teacher make in instance of a medical exigency in the schoolroom?q If there is an exigency during the lesson instructor may interfere the patient foremost and the call the doctor.Or instructor can direct the pupil to the infirmary service with their friends.20. Who is the secretary and what are the ordinances sing secretarial aid?Q There are services in the school? One service pulling the figure in the inquiry sheets? The other one imperativeness the inquiry sheets? Infirmary services21. What are the telephone figure and get offing reference of your collaborating instructor?Q ALI GALIP KARAKAN: He hasn & # 8217 ; t e mail referenceTel: 210 48 18210 13 7822. Are any of your pupils on medicine? If yes, is at that place a doctor & # 8217 ; s prescription on file with waies for administrating the medicine?q No there aren & # 8217 ; T23.

When and by whom may a pupils be taken from the school?Q If the pupils have non any scrutiny in a twenty-four hours, Parents or person with permission of the parents can take the pupil from the school.24. What is the school policy about let go ofing information about a pupil?Q Every pupil have a file in the maneger office.However everyone can non make the information in the file.25.

What is a school twenty-four hours like for a pupil? ( shadow a pupil for one twenty-four hours )Q B? RGE RUSITLERQ She is 14 twelvemonth old and her category 7 BQ Her place tel no:343 68 63Q She is acquire up at 7.00 O & # 8217 ; clockQ She leaves the place at 7.30 O & # 8217 ; clockQ She arrive at school at 8.00 O & # 8217 ; clockQ At 08.30 the ring bells for the first lessonQ During the interruptions? She listens music? She chat friendly with her instructor? She write something like verse forms, jangles on the boardQ At 12.

50 the ring bells for the tiffinQ She has tiffin at cafeteria and return to her categoryQ At 13.40 the ring bells for the6th lessonQ At 16.10 the school terminals and she goes to the minubus serviceQ At 16.30 minibus leaves the school26. What is the guidiance counsellor & # 8217 ; s function? What sort of lasting records on the pupils does the school maintain?q Students can take information about everything from the counsel counselor.Especially for debatable pupils counsel counsellor have an of import duty.When the pupil have physchological jobs Guidance counsellor keeps records about the studentsIn add-on for the subject job they keeps records.

27. What library, audiovisual and computing machine resources are at that place? When can you entree these resources? How?Q There are computing machines, overhead projections and book library resources.These resources are used by the pupils merely for prep by taking a permission from their instructors who are responsible from the resources.28. What is the scaling policy?Q They use quintuple ( 5 & # 8242 ; lik ) system29. Is at that place a trailing system in the school?q No there isn & # 8217 ; T30. Are at that place all school meetings?q Yes there is.

All school meet one time in a month.31. Attend and depict a module meeting?Q They meet one time in a month merely for preservation of the portion examination.Share scrutiny is done one time in a month.32.

What are the extracurricular activities in the school and which are most popular?q The most popular activity is the honey twenty-four hours of the school ( between 5-9 June ) . There is an debut of the school for the parents it is done at the beginning of the schoolQ There are some groups.Music groups, spor groups.Q Conservation ( between the pupils and creative persons, author.The last writer preserve with the pupils is Can D? ndar )q Picture exhibition of the pupils33. How active is the parent-teacher administration? what does it make?Q Everytime parents can discourse with instructors and the instructor can name the parents whenever he/she wants.However each hebdomad parent and the pupil have an hr to discourse with each other.

34. Are community members or alumnas involved in the school? What do the make?q Yes there are.They organise the exhibitions and the preservations.35. Of what achievement, plans, or installations are the pupils, module and/or staff particularly proud?Q Spor, hoops, swimming, folkdance.The most of import installation for the Ari college is the basketball.Ari college hoops squad win many coupeAppendix: