Nowadays, there are many clubs where students can come and study, discuss, practice and make friends. But, many other students like studying alone in a silent place. In my opinion, I think self-studying is better way because you are never annoyed by anyone else, you can study more and you can improve your self-studying skills.

First of all, when you join a club where many students come and discuss, you can’t focus on what you really want to do. Some ideas come, and accidentally, there is nothing when someone calls your name.It’s hard to blame it on anyone except yourself. If you want to maximum your attention, let’s study alone. Secondly, you are not a chuck or a robot.

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You don’t have enough power to bring your library to club, and you don’t have any more hours per day to go to club and come back each time you forget something. It is no use to spend time like this. If you are at home, you have anything to support your study, study more subjects and use effectively time.

Last but not least, you need raise your self-studying skills.There are speed-reading skill, mind-mapping skill, note taking skill and so on. Can you improve your speed-reading skill when most of time you spend on listening and speaking at club. In addition, do you know one of the most success factors is self-studying? Every coin has two sides.

Studying with a group has its own advantages. The best way I can recommend you is merging these two ways. You can self-study all weekdays and attend a group on Saturday or Sunday. I always follow this way and I feel so good about my result.