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In one paragraph, describe the research methods used in this study and why you believe they were chosen. Be sure to use key terms such as cross-sectional research, longitudinal research, data collection, observation, case studies, questionnaires, and experimentation, if they apply. The research method used in this study was experimental, case studies, and questionnaires. They used this as an experiment so they could conduct research to see if twins who grew up together and shared the same environment make them more alike than twins who were split up in different mom environments.

They collected data and placed them in a chart and a graph to display their data. This is one of the scientific method’s steps. Also, they used case studies to conduct this research. The examiner sits down with twins separately and talks about different topics and questions with the twin. The examiner writes notes down about each response they are given. Moreover, the last method they researchers use is a questionnaire. After they do a self examine of each twin, they give them a questionnaire to fill out.

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A questionnaire contains list of questions that can be filled out and used to interview someone about a topic of interest. I believe they were chosen because each method has a weakness, if only one was used then the research would be very questioned if it was done right. By using these three the research is supported very well and covers all angles. In one paragraph, discuss the research findings. How was the nature vs… Nurture debate revealed in this study?

In the study, the research findings showed that twins that stayed in the same should weren’t more alike than twins who were split up and reunited in their adult years. This means the time they were split up didn’t change how they react or behave. I believe nature overruled nurture in this article and research because clearly it shows Just because two twins live together doesn’t mean they act any better than twins who were separated. It seems in a way the environment factor in the twins who were separated didn’t play a strong factor in their behavior. 02. 01 studying development By inescapably