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Stylistic Analysis Of? A Cup Of Tea? Essay, Research Paper


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1. Introduction

To be honest, when I read the narrative, I thought? how absurd this is? . The first visual aspect of the narrative to me was merely like this. But when I re- thought about some inside informations I realised that the narrative is non that absurd. Above, it includes some societal factors in it. And I think my assignment is traveling to be all about those inside informations, because for me, ? truth ever hides itself in inside informations? , so to analyze this narrative I? m to cover with them.

2. Summary of the narrative

The narrative is all about Rosemary Fell, a rich, immature and modern state adult female and one of her shopping yearss. This twenty-four hours, and an extra-ordinary twenty-four hours it was, started after she got out from an old-timer store with a small box in her head, that she is shaving to purchase. What made this ordinary twenty-four hours, extra- ordinary came with a voice of a immature, hapless miss, Miss Smith. She was shyly inquiring money for a cup of tea. At the minute Rosemary couldn? T believe her ears. How can person doesn? Ts have money, even for a cup of tea? She thought a small, and decided to do an invitation. She invited this immature, hapless miss to her place. After some insist, Miss Smith accepted this invitation. They went place and had some cup of tea, and chat for a piece. It was a confab that largely Rosemary talk and Miss Smith listen with cryings in her eyes. Then Philip, the hubby of Rosemary appeared. He was confused to see Miss Smith, because she is non like one of the other friends of Rosemary. Then he wanted to speak with her and they went to the library. They had a conversation about the hapless miss. Philip thought this state of affairs is pathetic, besides, he thought that Miss Smith is beautiful and reasonably. This idea of Philip shocked Rosemary. She didn? t expression to her as Philip did. After she got out from the library she decided to give some money to her and allow her travel. Jealousy was the lone ground for this.

3. Conceptional maps

a. Rosemary as participant

I ) Relational procedure

We can both understand her physical and personal province from the narrative. Everybody seems to be cheerful to her and Acts of the Apostless like she is the 1 and merely. This lady is the most active function of the narrative. We even can state the narrative is based on her. There are some sentences used to depict her image.

a. She was immature, superb, highly modern, finely good dressed & # 8230 ;

B. & # 8230 ; how capturing her custodies were against the bluish velvet.

two. Mental procedure

Mentally Rosemary is the organizer of the narrative, everything starts with her and so they finish with her. Her words are the bids for the others. For illustration, if she wants, Miss Smith to come place and have a cup of tea with her, Miss Smith must obey. Her bids are indeclinable. Although she seems to be beneficent. I think she is non, for me she is so selfish.

a. It would be thrilling ( taking the hapless miss place )

B. And she heard herself stating afterwards to the astonishment of her friends? I merely took her place with me?

c. ? Well maintain it for me. Will you? I? ll & # 8230 ; ? but the store adult male had already bowed as though maintaining it for her was all any human being can inquire. He would be willing, of class, to maintain it for her forever.

Miss Smith as participant

I ) Relational procedure

She is the blur character of the narrative. Although we couldn? t happen information about her, she is the 2nd of import function. She appears to be immature, hapless, diffident and pretty. But for me her chief visual aspect is her fatigue. Besides, her personal or physical provinces are non that clear as Rosemary? s.

a. & # 8230 ; said the miss and there was hurting in her voice

B. Battered animal with tremendous eyes, person rather immature & # 8230 ;

two ) Work force

tal procedure

There seems to be nil abut her mental procedure. From the beginning till the terminal she merely did what she is said to.

a. ? Won? T you take off your chapeau? ? really good dame? and the crushed chapeau was taken off

B. The girl stayed merely as she had been put

Philip as participant

I ) Relational procedure

We can merely think his personal and physical province. We can state that, he is a gentleman and he is a nice cat. And I think he is capturing.

a. & # 8230 ; ? will Miss Smith pardon us?

b. Philip smiled his charming smiling

two. Mental procedure

I think, he exist in the narrative to do the concluding roar. Everything alterations after his visual aspect. And he did this by stating:

a. ? She is so amazingly reasonably?

b. ? she is perfectly lovely?

c. ? I was bowled over & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ;

4. Lexis

Rosemary represent the rich in this narrative, and Miss Smith is the hapless one. Depending to this state of affairs, the words used to depict them are wholly different. We can see that the words depicting Rosemary are stronger than the words used for Miss Smith. The words for Rosemary are: superb, highly modern, finely well-groomed, rather presentable and amusive ; and I think one word gives the hint of how Miss Smith expression like: animal ( non even a homo ) . As we understand these two adult females can besides be described as powerful and weak. Rosemary has the power because she has the money, and money ever brings power. Miss Smith is hapless, so she is weak. This state of affairs has nil to make with their characters, if we switch the topographic points of these two adult females, this clip Miss Smith will be the powerful one. I mean ( money = power ) .

When we think that this narrative is written by a adult female, we can understand why Philip idea? reasonably? about Miss Smith. ? A adult male will ne’er mind the societal position, they ever look to a adult female within a different point of position ( reasonably, or non pretty that? s the inquiry! ) and this is the lone thing they can believe about, except football and autos. ?

5. Textual and interpersonal maps

Rosemary proves her power in every duologue. In her relationships, she is ever the figure one. She happen to be a commanding officer. The first duologue happens with the store adult male and he seems like, he can make everything for Rosemary. But for me, the most of import duologue in the narrative is between Rosemary and Miss Smith. When I read that duologue, a image from my head appeared in my eyes. I asked to myself, if I besides had this sort of a duologue, and I remember those stateless kids, seeking to sell me handkerchief. Just like Miss Smith, they are seeking to be respectful to me. After I realised that, although I didn? T want, I treated them merely like Rosemary did to Miss Smith. I think, when one feels superior, this is ineluctable.

There is besides another duologue we can see between Philip and Rosemary. In that conversation, although Philip seems to be the stronger one, he could non alter Rosemary? s head. And I guess there is no 1 in the universe can alter this sort of a adult female? s head, except love.

6. Decision

Before doing my decision, I read the material I wrote, and I saw, chiefly I mentioned ; how hapless is Miss Smith and how rich is Rosemary, and their visual aspect as two different adult females. And within the visible radiation of these, I? m happy to compose:

In decision, I can state that although a human is ever a human, the inherent aptitudes are ever stronger than humanity. As we can see, at the really beginning, Rosemary was seeking to be helpful to Miss Smith, but when green-eyed monster came to the scene, she gave 3 lbs and merely kicked Miss Smith. I think this is the regulation of the universe, both in the wild carnal life and in modern human life & # 8230 ;


none & # 8230 ;

sorry & # 8230 ;