SUCCESS ACHIEVED DEMONTRATING LEADERSIP, THE GLOBAL CHANGE YOU  LIKE TO SEE TAKE EFFECTS IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS.One significant success I achieved while demonstrating leadership was Barber Expo 2013: Re-define your Skills.

This expo was organised by me, my flat-mate Olu Adeniyi, leader of IGO (Bottles) group, Kelani Abiola and the leaders of the Camp Community in Lagos State, Nigeria.There were scandals in the Camp area – 55% of LASUites live here. Teenagers robbed students at night- steal their money and cell phones for food, alcohol and smokes.I talked to a few persons after it happened to me, alas, a thought came to my head-Most of these villagers in the teen age are barbers (almost every building has a barbershop attached). Students don’t patronise them, because they wanted more than just the haircuts. I talked to Olu Adeniyi about organising a barber expo, which would serve as a medium to educate these target group on hair-styling. We hoped that this would curb the menace they cause us in the area.Olu convinced the Camp Community leaders, with his local dialect after 4 months of meeting with them.

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I connected with Kelani Abiola after I joined their local-gin-drinking group! This was the most difficult part.We had the expo in November, 2008, Did I mention that Kelani’s authority was a savior? Some of these teenagers got job as barbers in Clippers Salon-best as at the time, one particular participant Ayinde, had an agreement to always cut for the Council chairman.These guys were role models to others in the area. This was how we corrected the menaceOne global change I would like to see over the next five years is: Schooling to seek knowledge and not job!Proper education is essential to world development in general. One problem we found ourselves in, is the recurring habit of students, who attend colleges for the sole purpose of getting good grades, because this would lead them to getting a good job.

The ultimate purpose of education is to seek knowledge, not to seek grades! In the process of seeking good grades, a number of students lose the knowledge. They get carried away with the grades, they just want to pass, even if they never received the knowledge!The society has even responded to the same trend- Go to school, get good grades, then you are sure of a good income at the end! From the basic schools, pupils are encouraged to become surgeons, engineers, nurses. Through my years of travel, I have hardly seen a basic school that encourages its pupils to be historians, physicists.

If we have historians in our midst, we can learn from the successes and failures of the people of the past! In a country like Nigeria, which has a large youth population, if education were about getting good grades, we would end up having a generation of mediocres! A large number of our youth population are unemployed because most organisations report that they are not employable. They practically have no skill whatsover! They have no knowledge of what they studied at school. We all jumped into college without learning from it. We passed tests We had no knowledge of. Students are so keen at getting their degree certificates so they can get good paying jobs.Proper education would go a long way curbing mediocrity in the society. It would be difficult to convince the youths if they had proper orientation of their actions- No terrorist would brain-wash a properly educated youth! No one would ask you to take your life for money! The only answer to growth in Nigeria is Education! We should educate our large youth population on their actions. The need to learn to be productive, not to be used!