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Successful recruitment and selections processes secure for each vacant post to find the appropriate quantitative and qualitative number of candidates to be selected and to fill the post with the most suitable candidate. The company has also to transmit factual information to candidates for the position they are interested in. (Mihiotis, 2005)

On the one hand, the new employee must match the requirements of the job and the general profile of the company, and on the other hand to cover and the needs and aspirations of the new employee. The procedure is important and should be fulfilled at the lowest possible cost and as soon as possible. In the case of recruitment of generation Z candidates, the selection will be made by external recruitment as generation Z are too young to already work unless they were working as interns or work students. 

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The first step in the search and selection process is to set criteria based on which suitable candidates will be selected to fill the post, by describing the position and the needs of the business. In creating one job analysis important is to make a summary of the precise tasks being performed under typical conditions. After the job description and specification, a recruitment plan must be organized candidates who meet the standards.

According to the given article, GenZ representatives have some characteristics that may not fit the usual procedure that has been followed for many years to attract new employees. (newspaper ads, job-search offices, and organizations, labour unions, employee leasing companies etc).

Candidates’ selection process is defined as a set of specific actions concerning the collecting and evaluating information for each of the candidates to obtain the selection decision and to decide who will be offered the job. The selection of candidates is based on the evaluation of their qualification and personality criteria and comparing them with the requirements of the work they are going to handle.


Some points in redesigning the recruitment and selection processes for this generation could include the following:

1.    The use of social media e.g. McDonald’s used Snapchat to attract jobseekers and hire 250,000 workers for the summer of 2017 ( or other companies post short videos describing what they are and what they want. Young people are digital native, and their smartphone is almost a part of their body. The company should focus on relationships, lifestyle and a global approach, and the company’s site should be mobile friendly.

2.    Young people communicate constantly and respond quickly using technology. A recruitment and selection process should have consistent communication with the candidate and should be quick and results should send by messaging.

3.    GenZ members think more globally, are more flexible, have more multitasking abilities and a greater sense of volunteerism, they keep a traditional approach on personal development but are much more liberal in their beliefs and social values. – so, by emphasizing that their future work could meet their expectations and qualifications as well as opportunities for further development

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4.    A way of testing creativity in young to-be employees are competitions. The company could bring together candidates to work in a mission in pairs and alone – changing roles and finally decide who is the best for the job checking his/her interpersonal communication skills and quick judgment and easy adaption. Young GenZs have some apprehension in interpersonal communication due to their big attachment to Internet communication.


2.2. Operating in a multinational global environment of today young people seek job security and want to be part of something bigger than them. By creating an environment that meets the criteria described in the article it easier to retain young talents to work for you and the increase their productivity.

Health care coverage is one of the most valued employee benefits for all generations, but it is not the only – some companies make student loan payments and encourage their employees to study. Paid time off, maternity or family leaves should also be given.

Transparency is one of the values that GenZ values most, used to free and vast info on Internet –  they are interested in social rewards and not only money, and encouraged by meaningful work and being given responsibility.  ?hey are passionate about demanding tasks and can be connected to multiple devices at the same time, making them flashy, but they cannot be concentrated for a long time. As a reward, they prefer recognition by superiors and gifts like the ones they win in games they play, their work is expected to be flexible and varied. It is good to be rewarded personally but publicly – as a reward, they like education and certification programs on the network. To achieve better co-operation, it is advisable to have electronic platforms of communication between workers on the issues of work.

For this generation, the company should consider that beside of benefits and compensation an environment that will help new employees to develop themselves, to create a team that supports each other, to acknowledge their values, broad mind and global thinking the chance of getting the talents to stay or to increase productivity is small.