sukhjinder singh Nov 19 (13 days ago)to meIn “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard seems to be carefree about her husbands lost of life. Mrs Mallard is no longer feeling distressed to be free of the tyrannical institution of there no longer marriage.

Even though, they had a standard relationship, she had the pleasure to feel the liberty his death would give her. However, she did not had feelings for Mr.Mallard all the time.

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. “What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being!”As a widow, Mrs. Mallard realises that she could live her new life without being depended on someone. Beside of that, she now can take her own decisions and make choices by herself. The “blue sky” and the “new buds” are representing her new lease of life, which she is excited about. The widow wants to have an energetic future and fulfill her wishes and desires.The woman decides to take her husbands death as a new path of enyoyable living. Regarding to his death, she is even more inspired to live, maybe as she knows that the time is running and she could be gone very soon, too.

In my opinion, I agree with Kate Chopin’s opinion, as you only live once. Mr. Mallard is not a physical part of her life anymore. Still, he will be a part mentally, as they spend and shared their life together. On top of that, I think that Mrs. Mallard always had the urge to live her life as much as she can but sadly she could not.

Now, she wants to use the oppertunity to achieve some goals of her.Apparantly, the old woman only sees the benefits of her freedom but she still suffered a death of a close person. Perhaps, she trains her brain and convinces herself to see the good in this situation.Kate Chopin wants to deliever this message.

Not letting go on losts is not going to support you or give you brightness in the future. Obviously, deaths can put people in an endless darkness. As we all know it is not going to get better if we stay depressed or sorrowful.

Instead of that, we should put the broken parts of our hearts back together and stay focused.You only live once.