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Summary of the case: Mortise was manufactured as an insecticidal powder in the sass’s by J Hagen,’ a German immigrant to Australia. The famous name is a combination of the French word ‘mort (dead) and the German ‘nine’ (one). Launched in South India as a coil in 1993, Mortise soon established itself as the market leader. Efficacy and power delivered by its active ingredient were the key differentiators. However, the leader was not able to defend its share. Post-2000, challengers like Good Knight and Max set shop. The failure of Mortise’s triple coil and its subsequent

Withdrawal in 2002 did not help. Hair Panda, the brand manager Of Mortise vaporizer, had the enviable task of repositioning Mortise vaporizer in the market and taking it upwards from its present market share of 10 percent to 17. 5 percent in 2011. Currently, Hair Panda, the brand manager of Mortise vaporizer, is in a dilemma as he contemplates the strategic direction for Mortise Vass. Receipt Benefices (ORB) has plans to roll out a three-pronged strategy – reformulate by doubling the active ingredient to 1. 6 percent TFTP, make changes in the packaging, and focus on promotion efforts.

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Harts anxiety is palpable as he reflects on the proposed strategy. The strategy of Mortise was to leverage the tear in the mind of the consumer and generate the desire to ward off diseases. Hair wondered if Mortise was committing a strategic blunder in designing its marketing strategy. He checked if any- thing important evaded his attention, In view of the strong competition from All Out and Good Knight, Hair Panda wondered how to create a unique proposition for his brand, one that would be appealing and acceptable to the consumers, and induce them to switch from other brands to Mortise.