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In the modern period, the Muslim works on these two religions either stress the heavenly message brought by Moses and Jesus or the distortions introduced into it by the adherents, Of the Muslim writers who focused on the second approach is Manual M. Ramshackle Craving. He wrote a number of treatises o prove that the text of the Bible is onto revelation. One of these is the book (Demonstration of the Truth). The book was written in response to the Christian offensive against Islam in British India.

The author has used his authoritative knowledge to the Jewish and Christian scriptures to demonstrate that the Bible cannot in any way be considered as a divine, revealed book, He has refuted Trinity with reason, and in the last part of the book demonstrated the authenticity of the Quern and the Prophet Hood of Muhammad PUBIC, The book has been internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative ND objective studies of the Bible and has become a model for subsequent Muslim refutations of Christianity and especially its Scriptures.

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This assignment aims at a thorough and scientific study of Sahara LU Has and extraction of the methodologies used by the author in his study of Christianity, its faith and scriptures. As per requirement of my instructor, respected Madam Darkish Exam, have chosen first two chapters from the first part Of the book and conducted a study on them.

The assignment begins vivid a summary of the first and second chapters Of the book, titled: g In the end have discussed the methodologies g applied by AY Hindi Raunchily in his rejection of the Old and New -Testaments SUMMARY OF CHAPTER#I: THE BOOKS go THE BIBLE The Christians divide the books of the Bible into two main parts: The Old Testament: consists of the books that are claimed to have been received through the prophets who were prior to the Prophet Jesus.

The New Testament: consists of the books that are believed to have been written through inspiration after Prophet Jesus. All the books Of the Old and the New Testament are together called “Bible”. Each of the two Testaments is further divided into two parts: i. Part Which is believed to be authentic by all the ancient Christians ii. Part Of the Testaments whose authenticity is not confirmed by the Christians The Divisions of the Old Testament BOOKS BELIEVED TO BE AUTHENTIC BY THE CHRISTIANS 1.

Genesis,’the Book of Creation The Book of Ecclesiastic/Book of Preacher Exodus The Book of the Songs of Solomon Leviticus The Book of Isaiah Numbers The Book of Jeremiah Deuteron The Book Of Lamentations The Book Of Joshua The Book of Ezekiel The Book of Judges The Book of Daniel The Book of Ruth 27, The Book of Hoses The First Book of Samuel 28, The Book of Joel The Second Book of Samuel The Book of Amos