You will find the author has pointed out how animals bring communicating to love ones easier and more relaxed In addition, pets can be considered stress reducers and offer a great relationship. In my opinion, this introduction was long and not to the point. Another observation is the main body topics are also long and not to the point.

Would have broken the two topics to Other larger topics to give the reader a chance to focus directly each individual point.In example, breaking reaction with elderly people (paragraph I, 2, 3, 4) and reaction With kids (paragraphs 17, 18, 19, 20) into a larger sub-topic “Therapy for All Ages”. Placing that paragraph between “Animal Magnetism At Work” and “Pets Are Comforting”. This change would emphasis the main topic better and allowed for breaks between the two larger sub-topics.

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The topic does describe the paper, and how animals bring out the best in us. The examples of animals in hospitals (IS, 16) relates easily to me with experience working in those disabilities.The way this paper is wrote, very well thought out with the reader in mind, Making simple quotes that gives a background and offering not only reference to the ideas but a description of each that can relate to all of “Pet Therapy for Heart And Soul” is a well-researched paper with many quotes and references to the main topic. It also gives great real life examples, where the pets are working as therapy. All this brings the story close to you when you read it, making you wonder what your pet is doing for you.