Last updated: March 24, 2019
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Summary of Saficom, Virgin Mobile and AT&T services



Safaricom of Kenya offers a wide range of services. The Safaricom to Safaricom rates is 10 dollars while the safaricom to landline numbers and other mobile operators is charged as 25 dollars. As of international rates, North America region (USA and Canada) and China is priced for 25 dollars per call. East Africa (Burundi and Rwanda) is priced 30 dollars per call. East Africa (MTN Uganda and Vodacom Tanzania) is prices at 18 Dollars per call. For Europe and South Africa the price per call is 40 dollars. The price for the rest of the countries is prices at 50 dollars per call.

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Virgin Mobile Services offers various rates for their services. The normal picture message is prices at 20p. Voicemail is charged for 10p. Their web’n’talk services will charge customers at a maximum of 1p per day depending on their usage. Their customer service charges are free up to 25p. Numbers with 008/005 will have free service up to 40p while other 08 numbers have free service to 2.50euro dollars depending on their usage. The rates of Virgin mobiles vary also in term of minutes used. For every 20 dollar worth of usage, it is equivalent to 200 minutes of call. 30 dollars of usage on the other hand is equivalent to 400 minutes of calls. 50 dollars on the other hand is equivalent to 1000 minutes of calls.



AT & T offers various rates depending of the usage of their services. Plans are segregated into three categories. One is Mate rates. In mate rates that charges calls (per minute), 20p is charged for local and national calls. 8p is charged for T-mobile calls and40p for calls to other network. For calls in mate rate that does not count calls per minute, 5p is charged to T-mobile calls while 10p is charged for other network calls.


The “Everyone” category charges 15p per minute calls while 10p for calls that are charged not per minute. They also have text appeal for people who love to text. For people with calls per minute plan, they charge 20p for local, national and T-mobile text messages and40p for other networks.  People who are not with the call per minute plan will be charged 3p per text message.