The base criteria of this tool is to make the marketing people, design engineers ND manufacturing staff work together so that the designed product reflect consumers desires and tastes at its best. However, according to David Carving, dimension of quality varies from consumer to consumer and identifying that is a big challenge for producers. It’s not that difficult to build the House of Quality yet it does need some efforts to get used to it.The House of Quality starts with customer requirements or customer attributes (CA). For example, Toyota made a list consist of 30 to 100 CASE including attributes like car door is “easy to close” or “stays open on a hill” etc. Some Japanese companies simply place their product in public areas and collect potential customers’ tieback regarding the product.

Companies those do this can achieve competitive advantage successfully, gut before that they need to know their position in the market.To understand this they included customers’ evaluations on competitive cars on the right side to get assessment from each segments. There is no hard and fast rule about using the House as long as it helps the attempting their targets. Marketing executives, general managers and engineers use it according to their own way. However, the House encourages all of them to pork together for the betterment of the product.The main principle of the House of Quality is to establish an apparent relationship between manufacturing function and customer satisfaction which is a big confront. For example, if management identifies the easy door closing attributes critical and as a result they set a target value for closing energy Which only gives them a goal not the door. To get the door they need frame, sheet metal, weather striping, hinges etc and the right processes to build IL After the implosion of each part successfully, team can proceed to the next phase and so forth.

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Y doing this, customers voice will reflect properly. The whole idea was broken down into several processes and the processes were worked thoroughly with the strong participation of each and every team members and doing so fictional barriers have been defeated. Developing the idea was difficult but the main challenge was making the team accepting it. The idea helped the team to think together at the right directions, And with this, the revolution happens.