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He brought with him a letter of recommendation by Juan Ulna for Manuel Campus and six hundred copies of El Fill. He is the only Asian passenger in the steamer. As usual, he got the attention of his fellow – passenger because of his knowledge of many languages and his skill in sketching. One evening, passengers were having their meals then suddenly, one group of German ladies are gossiping about the Asian male who is taking his meal quietly who is Racial, then, Racial caught the attention of those ladies and started to listen what were their talking about. Racial, was fluent in German so he understood all the words that the ladies speaking.

The fast running steamer encountered a heavy squall and the door of the room was blown open, the ladies started to make a deal that if Racial was going to stand up and close the door they will surely say that Racial is gentleman. Without having a word, Racial muse and closed the door _ After what had happened he spoke to those German ladies in fluent German and the ladies felt very embarrassed because of what they did, and thereafter, they treated Racial with admiration and respect, despite his brown kin, for he was a cultured man. On November 20, 1891, Racial arrived in Hong Kong.

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He was welcomed by the Filipino residents, Jose Ma- Baas, his Old friend. He established his residence at No. 5 D’ Jugular Street, No. 2 Redundant Terrace. On December 1. 1891, he wrote to his parents asking permission if he could return home but on the same date, Manuel Hidalgo, his brother – in – Law, sent him a letter saying that his family is part of the deportation of twenty five person from Acclaim. The content of letter clearly revealed the despair and sorrow of the Racial family. Again, he felt the deadness and eagerness to be in the Philippines to help his family from suffering.

It is also stated that Hidalgo was preparing a letter to the Queen Regent of Spain to secure justice in Acclaim and if doesn’t work, he will write to the Queen Victoria Of England appealing for protection. Before the Christmas of 1891 , he was gladdened by the arrival of his father, brother, and Silver Blood (his brother – in – law) in Hong Kong. Not long afterwards his mother, and sisters Lucia, Josef, and Trinidad also arrived. A 65 years old mother of Racial was almost blind because of the brutality that she offered from the Spaniards.

A year before, Racal’s mother was arrested on the flimsy charge that she was not using her surname “Rolland” and despite of her age and blindness, she was forced by a cruel Spanish officer to walk from Acclaim to Santa Cruz the Capital of Laguna. Fortunately, the Spanish governor of Laguna pitied her and kindly set her free. The Christmas Of 1891 in Hong Kong was one Of the happiest Yuletide celebrations in Racal’s life. For he experienced again the bond with his family. From the day he met Blueprint, the closeness of the two are still there.

Racial wrote to Blueprint, recounting their pleasant life in Hong Kong. He wrote that his having a great time with his family, far and free from the persecutions in the Philippines. He also stated that he was very much pleased with the English Government. To earn a living for himself and for his family, Racial practiced medicine. In the long run, Racial became well – known because of his skill as an ophthalmic surgeon, The person behind of his clientele was Dry. Lorenz P. Marques, the person who helped Racial to start the business. As time goes by, Racial brought fame to his name.

He had many patients, including British, Chinese, Portuguese and Americans. He also successfully operated her mothers left eye. Aside from being an eye specialist, he was a general practitioner. Again, he wrote to Blueprint saying the success of his career and thanking that God spared them from danger, Some friends of Racial in Europe gave him moral and substantial aid in his medical practice. Those people were Barbarity, Mr.. Boasted who praised him because of what he achieved, Dry. Arsonist Battista Line who Sent him a book called Diagnostic Pathology by Dry. Overthrow and Traits Diagnostic’s by Mechanistic.

Don Antonio Verge’ De Adios also Offered him services for the purchase Of medical books and instruments. “Racial possessed the qualities of a great and ideal ophthalmic surgeon. He had devoted his lifetime to the practice of medicine he would become one of Sais’s eminent ophthalmologists. ” Said by Dry. Gemini De Ocarina, distinguished Filipino Ophthalmologist. Comment: My report was totally focused on what Racial really is. In terms of being a simple person, being a son, and being a Doctor. I’m impressed by him because Of being true to himself, being a person. A person hat you can call “straight to the point”.

His cool attitude brought him to be respected and admired by Other nation. There is a point in my report that Racial is being cool I should say, the way he treated the German Ladies was absolutely perfect. For me the ladies don’t just talk they judge. It reminds us that there should be no person be treated like what the ladies did. Here, Racial shows that no matter what your nationality is or your color, the most important is the wit that you have, the manner and the conduct. Racial being a son is tough one, If you can imagine how heartbreaking the moment when he longs for his family, his strong faith guided him.

He was never lost but instead he steadfast and became molded, My report discussed how the eagerness to Racial was. When the time Racial and his family met, even though don’t see what was really happening in that time, know Racal’s heart is overflowing with joy because finally he is back in his family’s arm. The lesson here is that we can use our family as our foundation in our down moments and use it as a power to stand up and move forward. Racial being a doctor. I saw here that Racial is very ambitious in a way that you an say that it is impossible but suddenly, it’s there, he did it.

Like What he did, he aims to be an eye specialist/doctor so, he practiced medicine without any hesitations. You can see the heart Of Racial that he really wants it not just because he likes it, he likes it because he knows that he can use himself for the benefit of others. In that sense, he became well – known, he brought fame to his name and the most important thing he cured the almost blind left eye of his mother. Racial serves as a good example to a student like me in terms of pursuing dreams. Racial ever got tired achieving dreams, We should soar high and dream big. His friends are very helpful to him.

They never let Racial empty handed in a way that they helped him to build his own clientele, giving books to gain more knowledge about medicine and even sending congratulatory message. Comparison: I compare Racial to our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers. Why? Because they experienced the same feelings, have their missions, but different situation and different times. Our Overseas Filipino Workers brought their missions in their hearts and minds as they left here in the Philippines. Their mission is to work/ ran a living for each Of their families, to give a better life for their children, and many other reasons.

Racial went to different places not to be an OFF but to be far from the people who wants to persecute him. He also has his mission, to work an evidence or literary works that can be an eye opener to the world, especially to the Filipinos that the Spaniards regime is not good for the country, its abusive, unequal, injustice and corruption. Racial and Off’s feelings are very similar because the way Racial misses his family, its the same thing, how Offs felt when they are tar from their loved ones. Also compare Racial to Joseph the Dreamer why compare him? Because for me all of the things happening in the life of Racial in Hong Kong are his dreams.

He dreamt to be with his family, to be near in the Philippines, to be a practitioner or help to cure his mother’s eye. Joseph is a son, he has his dreams, but there are people that hinder him, which is his brothers to pursue it. The first dream was While binding sheaves in the field, Josephs sheaf arose and stood upright and his brothers’ sheaves stood all around and bowed down to his sheaf. The second dream was, the sun, the moon ND the eleven stars bowed down to him. To cut the story short, Joseph became the Governor Of Egypt, Which his dreams told him.

Like Racial, he is a son, he has his own dreams to our nation and to himself as well. At some point, there are some people that are ranking barriers to stop Racial to pursue his aspirations for our nation. His dream for our country is to be free from the Spaniards, but that dream seems going to be impossible, so he never gives up, he worked with his works to fulfill his dream. He continues to fight with his own strength and knowledge. He uses pen not by word. The difference from the two is the dream of Joseph was achieved while he’s still alive, but Racal’s dream was achieved even Hess gone.

Conclusion: The love of Racial to his family, the strength he got from every situation, the faith that his holding, the manner that brings him to be respected, the joy inside him, the care that he brings to other, the knowledge that in his mind, the fame that he brought to his name, and the success that he got. These attitudes are the things that Racial possesses. Despite of all the troubles he faced from Europe, he has still he face to continue his life and Step into the right path and never let go Off those attitudes.