The Sunflower is a book that tells the narrative of holocaust subsister and his brush with a deceasing Nazi. and the impact it causes. Unlike most books refering the Holocaust. the book shows both sides of the narrative. The book begins in a concentration cantonment where Simon Wiesenthal is led to a deceasing soldier who asks for forgiveness. Many reoccurring subjects are present. These include the inhumaneness of others.

religion in God ( or miss thereof ) . and the bond between household. Throughout the book. Wiesenthal inquiries everything. He inquiries himself. he inquiries others.

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and finally his inquiries are answered by others. There were inquiries about everything. Why was this go oning to the Jews? What was go oning outside of the cantonment? How was everybody else doing? Were the butterflies pass oning between fallen soldiers? How was he to react this murderer’s petition for reprieve?Was he supposed to interrupt the bosom of an guiltless adult female because of her son’s picks? Wiesenthal’s inquiries build this narrative. While he was deceasing. the soldier did non have forgiveness. and some may state he didn’t merit it. Others may differ. Upon his decease bed.

the immature adult male wanted to atone his wickednesss to a Jew. Possibly his deficiency of earnestness was a cardinal ground he found himself denied. It was rather a happenstance that the Jew happened to be Wiesenthal. Similar to how the memories haunted the soldier. the soldier hangouts Wiesenthal. After sharing the narrative of the soldier with other captives. he realizes that others understood his quandary. Who was at mistake here? When offered the ownerships of the deceased soldier.

he refused them. He did nevertheless. retrieve the reference of the soldier’s female parent. When he met her. the adult female was overcome with heartache. holding lost both her hubby and merely kid. Wiesenthal thought how to manage his state of affairs.

and he decided to one time once more. remain soundless. He even expressed understanding for the adult female. Wiesenthal once more questioned everything. What was the right thing to make?