KATRINA GRIFFIN10/12/99HUM 2011.4PRO ChamberssRESPONDS ON SUNJATA AND FREDRICK DOUGLASS READINGSIn the narrative? The Guardian of the Word? , it shows how Africans Americans and modern post-colonial Africans are a similar in rejection of history and traditional civilization. The griot in the narrative was seeking to explicate the history and line of descent to a immature African male child when his instructor came and intentionally interrupted the lesson. The instructor regarded the griot? s lesson as meaningless and fiddling compared to modern twenty-four hours instructions.

The instructor did non understand or desire to understand the old traditional manner and civilization from whence he came. The instructor represents the African Americans ignorance of their civilization, while the groit and male child symbolizes the old cognition and desire to larn it.Furthermore, it is of import to cognize and retrieve one? s past wither it be good or bad. If it is good, why non go on and allow the hereafter be every bit fruitful as the yesteryear? If it was a bad event, can a lesson be learned from it? One would non desire to reiterate a dangerous incident because failure to admit it go on before. For illustration, bondage for black people was a awful act, so to feign that such an event did non go on or became void to the causes that produces it, is a trap set for oneself. An nescient individual of his civilization and history leaves themselves unfastened to all the marauders ready to devour, like a lamb without its shepherd. Besides, holding a rich cultural memory makes one whole and strong.

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There is no uncertainty that anything can be conquered and tamed. There is a sense of passion for one? s being, like the celebrated verse form? EGO TRIPPING? ? ? I made the pyramids and the fantastic enigma of the Sphinx. ? Is this non a fantastic history to retrieve?In respond to Fredrick Douglass, he becomes the maestro of his ain destiny and non his white superintendent. He realizes his worth? ? Why should he be the butt? , citing from? The Souls of Black Folk? . Douglass surely did non desire to be? unseeable? any longer.

In Nietzsche footings ; Douglass uses the subjugation and agony to power him into the head frame of being the maestro. He does non accept fright but gives it heartily to his superintendent, which so changes his hereafter dealingss with him.Harmonizing to the author, William Blake, one should ever state what they are believing or want changed. To move non is to slay your ain being, head, and proud history. Another author, James Baldwin provinces? adult male is forced each twenty-four hours to snap his manhood, his individuality out of the fire of human inhuman treatment? if he survives the attempt? he can learn, accomplish ain authorization and that is firm? .

This statement is clearly demonstrated in both narratives ( Sunjata and Douglass ) . Both people took control and authorization of their life, which force everything to go low-level and low. That is the power of recognizing 1s proud history and ego worth.