Superstitions Essay, Research PaperSUPERSTITION I met a friend the other twenty-four hours that was truly disquieted and disquieted. She seemed to me to be on the point of cryings.

Asking her, I knew that what she was about hysterical about was the fact that person had given her sister, as a gift, an expensive kitchen knife. From what I could state, the sister hadn T made a large trade of it, but my friend was certain that a catastrophe was certain to follow. Apparently, to her, the gift of a knife would cut short the life of the receiver, or cut off her good fortune. She was so positive of this that she was inquiring out loud if the gift giver was improbably nescient and thoughtless, or a secret enemy meaning great injury to her sister. Most people would be amazed or even amused at this friend of mine.

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They might believe of her as an ignorant, crude and powerless superstitious adult females. But unluckily, they themselves could be superstitious. Superstitious people are non merely those who believe in thaumaturgy and appeals but besides who believe in fortune. Therefore, there are 2 types of superstitious people depending on their ideas, believes and self-esteem The first type of a superstitious individual is that who believes that the universe is, literally, filled with thaumaturgy. Whenever anything happens, he would instantly associate it to footings of thaumaturgy, non to simple physical causes or random happenstance.

The gesture of the stars controls his personality and temper. To him, the existence is alive and is certainly interested in him ; therefore, he must maintain on its good side. He considers the money he spends acquiring the supernatural liquors on his side, or at least non against him, to be a worthy investing. He believes in everything ; good fortune appeals, the evil oculus, shades, star divination and demon ownership are all as existent to him as the Sun in the sky.

Salvage your breath seeking to convert him otherwise. He will see you as either hopelessly arrogemmet, or even under some evil influence, seeking to force him off from the truth.The 2nd type of a superstitious individual is that who would be offended if person called him superstitious. Possibly he doesn t believe in charming nor in appeals, and he would ne’er give away all his ownerships because he expects the terminal of the universe tomorrow, but he blows on the die before he throws them.

He might have on his lucky shirt when he is traveling to sit for an test. He would most likely confer with his horoscope before traveling on a flight. Although he may non believe in evil eyes and so on, he knocks on wood when he praises himself on his good fortune or worth. It is really difficult to state this individual s motives in these beliefs, but most likely he is seeking to play on the safe side.

Therefore, most people are superstitious, even those who think that they are non, might someway be. Studies show that most, if non all, Egyptians have at least few believes that can be classified as superstitious. These surveies show that the existent cause for being superstitious is the feeling of failing and insecurity of people ; people need an external power that would assist them and give them trust. This external power is represented in thaumaturgy, appeals, fortune, and many other superstitious notions. When a adult male looses on a gaming game, he would mention it to bad fortune, non to agencies of random happenstance or chance.

Another cause of the spread of superstitious notions is that they are familial ; whatever the parents believe in, their descendants would most likely believe in excessively. Consequently, superstitious notions are considered a neutralizing agent in the procedure of struggle among coevalss, as they are agencies of flow of thoughts from one coevals to the other assisting in conveying their points of position together. This explains why superstitious notions had been cosmopolitan and figured bass throughout past coevalss and will go on on and on for the future 1s.