& # 8211 ; To The Open Mind Essay, Research PaperSURVIVAL & # 8211 ; TO THE OPEN MINDJack London s literary tactics every bit good as manner, helped to specify the cardinal subject in The Sea Wolf of being a well balanced single capable of survival under any fortunes.

By puting Maud Brewster in the place to fall in love with Van Weydon, London stressed the demand for the genuinely of import love between a adult male and a adult female. In showing the head as a mightier force than sheer and beastly strength, London displayed the capacity to which a sound head fulfills. Humprey s version and development, for the better, represented the cardinal message London sought to present through his authorship.

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As though contending that two caputs are better than one, London deemed it necessary to stress the significance of the of love from a adult female.London used Maud to assist to lend to the all-around person he sought to make through Humprey. Her love, if non the accelerator, served to beef up the evolving of Hump into a adult male more capable of defying the tests of life. They were able to feed off each other and achieve a greater sense of daring, every bit good as a broadened position on life:& # 8230 ; and at the same minute my bosom surged with a great joy. Truly she was my adult female, my mate-woman, contending with me and for me as the mate of a cave man would hold fought, all the primitive in her aroused,forgetful of her civilization, difficult under the softening civilisation of the lone life she had of all time known ( London, 234 ) .The bond between Humprey and Maud had cultured into love, which caused their single position to be elevated every bit good.

Filled with a new confidence, passion, and crude nature, the two were able to stride toward their topographic point as complete and notable human existences. In his following measure toward exposing thetheoretical account animal, London addressed the value of the head as the top precedence.In showing Wolf and Humprey, with respects to their several high spots, London defined cognition as the most powerful attribute toward any sort of successful human being. It was in fact Humprey, the rational, who in the terminal succeeded in suppressing over the physical power every bit good as the panic of Larsen. By taking cognition and utilizing it as power, Humprey Washingtons able to supplant the dramatic ferociousness Wolf presented ;You forget, you are no longer the biggest spot of the agitation.

You were, one time, and able to eat me, as you were pleased to give voice it ; but there has been a diminishing, and I am now able to eat you. The barm has grown stale ( 220 ) .Wolf s power had been depleted, and he was no longer able to utilize it to lift above others. The human head nevertheless, Humprey s, was still turning strong, to the full capable of endurance, but besides success. It was that power of head that enabled Humprey to accommodate and get accomplishment in new Fieldss, that led to his absolutely embodied life.From a worthless gentleman to an finally successful adult male, Humprey was sculpted in a manner that ensured both his endurance, but besides his power and potency, due to his unlocking of gifts. Although born into a civilized and affluent household, Humprey s crude nature was forced to be unleashed if he hoped to populate. By going a more cardinal adult male while keeping his sense of head, Van Weyden achieved a apogee to be exemplified.

A effort which was shown through London s powerful and exultant presentation ;It can be done, it can be done, I was believing and asseverating aloud. What work forces have done, I can make ; and if they have ne’er done this before, still I can make it. ( 188 )The degree of averment every bit good as assurance portrayed by Humprey, greatly reflects on the message London sought to present. Van Weyden was shown wholly satisfied with his ain ability, which due to his complete pooling of endowments, was applicable.

He had risen above the remainder, and applied himself in order to carry through the demands for endurance. Humprey had become the absolutely shaped single, destined to thrive in this life.A absorbing narrative, The Sea Wolf ends in the inevitable victory of Humprey Van Weydon over Wolf Larsen, doing him the leader of the battalion. The extent to which London elevated Humprey s position, doubtless assured the reader of the esteem with which he portrayed him.

Throughout the novel, it became evident of the necessity of freedom in order for a adult male to accomplish their full potency, which is what Humprey did. By going every bit all-around as he did, he was able to emerge as master in the alleged endurance of the fittest, which so he was.