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Swan Lake Vs. Revelations Essay, Research Paper

Alvin Ailey s Revelations and Tchaikovsky s Swan Lake are two different manners of dance from really different points in history. Revelations is a modern-day dance and Swan Lake is a classical dance. Each dance has certain points that have made it critically acclaimed. They both incorporate different manners of dance but they do portion a few features.

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The phase props and the lighting seemed to be different in each public presentation. Swan Lake had a background of a lake. This was cardinal for this dance. When the misss would turn back and Forth from swans they would demo a group of swans swim across the lake. This was really of import for the audience to understand this really of import transmutation. The lighting in Swan Lake was a small spot brighter because it had more scenes where the full phase needed to be illuminated. When the soloists were dancing they did non hold a peculiar limelight on them. Disclosures had a really apparent set. This seemed to set more of a focal point on the terpsichoreans alternatively of the ambiance on phase. The background was merely a dark fabric with no form or image. The lighting covered the full phase when many terpsichoreans were executing at the same clip. When soloists performed, a limelight was focused on them to pull all the attending to the dance.

The stage dancing in Ailey s dance was really interesting. The terpsichoreans used the floor much more than Swan Lake. Swan Lake s dance motions seemed to be really apart from the floor. The females were ever on their toes up off of the floor. The males were ever jumping up off of the floor. Disclosures used the floor really much. It about acted as an extension of the terpsichorean.

The costumes in Revelations were one of the most alone parts. The frocks that the females wore were really of import to their portion in the dance. They would do the long leg motions seem more graceful. The cloth of the skirt would follow the leg. This action made the dance a batch different than Swan Lake. The females in Swan Lake wore Tutu that exposed every leg motion.

The relationship between the music and the dance was really different in the two performan

Ces. Swan Lake seemed to hold a purely structured format. The exact pacing and round of the music governed what the terpsichoreans would make. Revelations seemed to hold a really loose manner to it. The terpsichoreans own personality was brought out through their dance. The music helped state the events that were taking topographic point but did non regulate the terpsichoreans.

The manner the terpsichoreans related to each other and the audience was really different in each dance. Disclosures gave a sense of linking with their audience. They made oculus contact with the cameras and seemed to give a few gestures towards the audience. Swan Lake was wholly opposite. They were merely executing to execute. It seemed like the audience was non a portion of the public presentation. The terpsichoreans related to each other about the same in both public presentations. They both had intricate general moves. The soloists besides seemed to execute in a similar mode in both choices.

The Gospel music and Spirituals in Ailey s stage dancing went together really good. The words expressed the actions of the terpsichoreans and added a batch more to the dance. It besides made the dance a batch more interesting because the audience was certain of what was traveling on. The spoken word added a batch to the dance every bit good. It gave the audience another added piece to concentrate on. In Swan Lake there was merely instrumental music. This made the public presentation a small less interesting. It seemed to be losing that one thing that could hold turned my sentiment about.

Disclosures was a great experience for me. I enjoyed watching it. I can state that it is considered the all American modern dance classic. The stage dancing of the piece was astonishing. I was peculiarly moved by the choice entitled Fix Me, Jesus. When the adult male would pick up the adult female it sent a message of a broken individual. It was powerful because of the spiritual message that was conveyed.

I preferred Revelations to Swan Lake. Some of the more simple grounds are because of the better music, it was shorter and it did non look to dawdle, and the dance moves were more appealing to me. I think that Alvin Ailey did a great occupation make overing the public presentation. I would decidedly urge this public presentation to my equals.