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Swiming Essay, Research Paper

This Essay will exemplify some of the basic facets of aqualung diving. It will demo the stairss involved in piecing the

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aqualung cogwheel. The monetary value scope of scuba cogwheel. The basic rules of diving, and were to travel to acquire certified in aqualung

plunging. It will besides uncover some merriment things that can be done while plunging. The assembly of the aqualung cogwheel is really simple.

First hold your armored combat vehicle filled to the recommended sum of force per unit area ( normally 3000 pounds per square inch ) . Take the armored combat vehicle with the valve

grip to the right, and set it in forepart of you. Following take the Buoyancy Compensator ( B.C. ) and attach it to the armored combat vehicle by

seting the straps around the armored combat vehicle and fastening them. After the armored combat vehicle is unafraid, look into to do certain that the O & # 8217 ; pealing on

the valve of the armored combat vehicle is in topographic point and in good status. loosen the first phase of the regulator and topographic point it over the valve

of the armored combat vehicle. Then fasten the first phase firmly, but non excessively tight. Attach your octopus to the B.C. Then Pick up the

force per unit area gage and point it off from the organic structure, and others. Turn the grip on the armored combat vehicle, to provide the regulator and

gages with air force per unit area. The gages are pointed off from the organic structure to avoid hurt if the gage were to malfunction.

Listen for any leaks, and read the gage and do certain that it is some what close to the force per unit area that was put in to the

armored combat vehicle. Last you need to blow up the B.C. , and purge the regulator to do certain

that they work decently. The cogwheel is now ready to be used. Scuba cogwheel is really low-cost. Scuba cogwheel can be

purchased new for every bit small as $ 299. For $ 299 you can acquire a regulator, B.C. , and a force per unit area gage, this is the bare

lower limit of what you need ( Divers unlimited ) . Following up is $ 499, for this sum you get all above plus a depth gage,

and for $ 589 you besides get a octopus ( Divers Unlimited ) . There are many other apparatuss you can buy for around the

same sum, and more. I found Divers unlimited to hold the best over all monetary values. There are many topographic points to acquire

certified in aqualung diving, but there are besides many things to see. First, there is the monetary value, normally from $ 150 for a

basic class up to $ 400 for a private class. The $ 150 class offered at B & A ; B Aquatic Adventures, Inc. consists of

Three to 4 category Sessionss and two to 3 pool Sessionss. It besides includes 4 ocean honkytonks. The $ 400 class offered at Urge

2 Submerge can be completed in

every bit small as four yearss, and is worked wholly around your agenda. It consist of 9

hours of category room survey and 9 hours of pool clip. It besides includes 4 ocean honkytonks. With all of the classs the ocean

honkytonks must be completed in braces of two honkytonks, on 2 separate yearss. The Scuba cogwheel is suppled with all of the classs

with the exclusion of a mask, fives,

snorkel, weight belt, and weights. There are a assortment of monetary value between the above that offer assorted times and yearss to

run into your demands. The one major regulation of diving is to ever breath. This means ne’er keep your breath. At different

deepnesss in the H2O air is compressed in your lungs. This force per unit area can do serious hurt if it were to construct up in the

lungs due to a sudden rise in deepness. For every 33 pess in deepness the air in your lungs lessenings by half. Thus the air in

the lungs doubles for every 33 pess that one rises. So if you take a full breath and so lift up in the H2O with out

exhaling, the force per unit area additions and may detonate the lungs. There are many fun things to make while scuba plunging. My

favourite is to roll up tropical fish for my fish armored combat vehicle. Tropical fish are really expensive, but non all that hard to catch. all you

demand is a net, tickle stick, baseball mitts, and come-on pail. The net should be do out of some sort of transparent plastic

with little adequate holes so that the fish will non be able to get away. The come-on pail can be any ordinary come-on pail.

The lone thing you need to make is cut off the sides so that it will no longer float. Another thing I like to make is catch

lobster. This can be done with the same equipment as used to catch tropical fish with the exclusion of necessitating a mesh

bag to keep the lobsters. These are two things that I enjoy to make

while plunging. This Essay illustrated some of the basic facets of aqualung diving. It showed the stairss involved in

piecing the aqualung cogwheel. It gave some of the basic rules of diving, and were to travel to acquire certified in aqualung

plunging. It besides illustrate some of the things that can be done while plunging.

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