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About a month ago my 3 friends and I tried our ain Ouija board and we contacted a few different people. We thought it was truly fun and nil bad happened at first. We thought every spirit we talked excessively was merely desiring to chew the fat. About a hebdomad after making it. we started hearing some amusing noises at our level but merely assumed it was other flatmates acquiring up and traveling to the lavatory. We asked the other flatmates about the noise and they all said none of them had been acquiring up. Soon after the noise got more intense and we would hear footfalls traveling past our sleeping room doors down the hallway and into the bathroom and sometimes it would even open the bathroom door and shut it once more. Obviously we started to acquire disquieted about it as we are all merely 18 and none of us have of all time experienced something like this earlier. although when I was younger I did used to see a lady that used to follow me around a spot. One dark we were all asleep and at approximately 5. 30am my friend came into my room and said that while she was kiping. she felt something keeping her down and she couldn’t axial rotation over. Then her places were moved across the floor and 2 tins of drink that were on her floor got pushed over.

When she eventually could travel once more. she got up to come into my room and her door was locked. We sat up until around 9am and eventually went back to kip for a piece. Then things stopped for a spot and we thought it might hold been over but merely at the start of this hebdomad we seen a small teddy bear sitting outside by the letter box but we merely left it at that place as it seemed to be a immature kid’s plaything. We didn’t truly think much of it but thought it was rather creepy. The following twenty-four hours we noticed the teddy was sitting upstairs following to our suites in a room that is merely full of storage. We asked all the other 4 flatmates and none of them had moved it indoors.

Then me and 2 of my friends were sitting in one of our suites one dark and I went to the lavatory and everything was all right. I came back and so my friend Jaimee went to the lavatory and the teddy was sitting right outside her door. No 1 had been up to travel it as it was approximately 11pm. We didn’t sleep all dark. The following twenty-four hours I put the teddy back in the room so Jaimee threw it in the large trash bin outside. About 4 hours subsequently at around 11pm we went downstairs to do some nutrient and the teddy was back inside and sitting on the kitchen tabular array. We have non had anything bad happen since so but are still hearing noises at dark. It’s get downing to impact our kiping form and the other flatmates are get downing to believe we are being over the top about it all. We have no thought what to make and merely truly hope it goes off shortly.

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from April 2011 to April 2012. myself and 5 friends ( all twentiess ) shared a house in Bow. East London. My sleeping room which I shared with my so fellow was the lone sleeping room at the forepart of the house confronting the street. There was one sleeping room at the dorsum. one at the side and one downstairs. The life room. kitchen and bathroom were located downstairs. I have had countless unaccountable experiences and wasn’t surprised when I started holding them in our new house. At first it was the light continuously exchanging on and off in my sleeping room ( my fellow moved in June 2011 ) . It would go on about 20 – 30 times a minute to the point where I’d opt to sit in the dark instead than continuously maintain exchanging the light back on. I didn’t reference anything to my housemates at foremost. non desiring to gross out them out. Then things started to go on when there were more people in the room to witness.

The visible radiations in the life room started turning on and off. We asked the landlord to look into the electrics. there was nil incorrect at that place. We tried altering visible radiation bulbs. that didn’t work. Once my so boyfriend moved into my room. that’s when things started acquiring truly unusual. When we wanted some alone clip we’d lock our sleeping room door. the door would so wing unfastened and when you’d turn the boss ( a unit of ammunition one ) you’d find the lock was still on the door and you’d have to unlock it to close the door once more. I asked a locksmith friend to look into the lock and he couldn’t happen anything incorrect with it. We tested it a few times. we couldn’t unfastened it from the outside if it was locked but it would ever wing unfastened if we left it locked for longer than 20 proceedingss. it didn’t affair if Windowss were unfastened or closed. In the terminal we’d merely go forth the door unbarred. Another clip my housemate was brushing her dentitions in the downstairs bathroom one forenoon when the cup that holds all the toothbrushes flew into the sink and broke into bantam pieces.

The cup was on a level shelf and there were no Windowss or doors open that might hold caused this. On several occasions a few of us would be sitting in the life room ( my sleeping room is straight above ) and we’d be able to hear footfalls coming from upstairs. There was no 1 up at that place and every bit mentioned before. that side of the house isn’t attached to any neighbors ; it’s at the terminal of the street. The incident that scared me the most was when I was in bed entirely. my ex had gone off. I was in bed and heard a truly loud suspiration coming from inside my room. I was excessively panicky to open my eyes so I merely lay at that place for about an hr before I finally fell asleep. The following twenty-four hours I phoned my fellow and he told me he’d heard the exact same thing 2 darks before when I had been out but didn’t state me because he hadn’t wanted me to be scared while he was off. About a month before we moved out we heard bantam footfalls coming from the Attic. the lone manner into the Attic above our house is from our housemates room but she was fast asleep.

They moved from one corner of the room to another. before rushing up and so vanishing wholly. By the expressions on each others faces. we knew we weren’t conceive ofing it. We had a friend semen to remain in our life room for a hebdomad or so. He hadn’t met all of the housemates as he’d arrived tardily. The following forenoon he was certain he’d had a conversation with a adult male in the dark. The lone adult male in the house that dark was my fellow who didn’t fit the description and was 100 % sure he hadn’t had a conversation with my friend. This perchance could hold been a dream but with the other happenings that happened while we lived at that place. I am non so certain. My friend didn’t know anything about our shade and he was truly freaked out. We tried to happen out info from the neighbors about the history of the house. it was built before the war and used to be a cobblers. Our following door neighbor had lived following door for over 30 old ages and said I should inquire him once more about the history when we had moved out. I didn’t acquire a opportunity but I might travel back one twenty-four hours shortly to happen out. I was intrigued he didn’t want to state us while we were populating at that place.