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“Our compassion and equity are a beginning of great pride for Canadians” . proudly stated by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada on its refugee system. There is no uncertainty that Canada has been a leader in refugee relocation plans. Its outstanding and effectual protection for Vietnamese “boat people” after Vietnam war gained Canada great regard from planetary community. and of all time since. Canada is known as the most “refugee-friendly” state in the universe. However. the past glorification does non reflect in the position quo of Canada’s Syrian refugee relocation. When confronting the largest human-centered crisis in our coevals with respects to Syria. a great leading is non found in Canada. The in-migration section does non populate up to its promise of conveying in 1. 300 Syrian refugees ; on the other manus. Sweden announced they have welcomed 15. 000 which exceeds the sum that Canada planned. That was such a letdown to both the Canadian society and the Syrian refugees.

Why isn’t Canada taking the universe this clip? The job is the deficient support the private patrons receive from Immigration offices. which put Canada’s refuge at a disadvantage place in the competition with other host states. Canadian authorities relies on private patrons to accomplish its relocation end. but the limitation that it imposes on patron groups clearly did non assist with the state of affairs. As a critical portion of the span that connects refugees and Canadian authorities. the figure of patrons is significantly shriveling due to the backlog of files the offices are meeting. The retrenchment of the patron groups will surely take to less chance for refugees in the visible radiation of get awaying the war-worn state and coming to Canada. What’s even worse is that the authorities failed to warn the patron groups of its large outlook. ensuing in organisations that already committed to take in refugees from other counties holding no topographic point left for the inflow of Syrian refugees ( Gazette ) .

The churches are non really pleased with government’s slow response. A recent study shows that most spiritual groups are concerned about the long waiting period and the clip to treat the files after they are submitted. which can take up a twelvemonth to two old ages. By contrast. Sweden has been really supportive and announced their new policies to fast track the refugee claims in order to salvage more lives. RatnaOmidvar of the Global Diversity and Migration Exchange commented. “Sweden’s committedness to refugees is singular. it is firm. it is admirable. it is outstanding…People expression to you. non to Canada. as the moral defenders for the world” ( Wagner ) . Some people may reason that Canada is taking a different attack to this issue. As Dana Wagner said. “a regional crisis needs a regional response. ” Canada hasspent $ 630 million for human-centered groups that are largely based in the states that portion boundary lines with Syria.

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In that sense. Canada expected a batch more Syrians can be benefited from the direct and effectual regional responses alternatively of waiting for the documents to be processed. However. Canada failed to recognize that in most of the clip. Syrians are non acquiring any better ways out in refugee cantonments because they are still trapped in war-zones and are seen as loads to the host states they fled to. The Turkey authorities labeled the refugees as “guests” who can merely bask impermanent protection ; deficiency of lodging. quickly lifting rents and unregistered Syrian concerns. all the jobs that came along with inflow of Syrians. irritated the local Turkish ( Letsch ) . Imagine. you fled a topographic point. which has no electricity. nutrient or H2O but fright of being killed to a placewhere your household lives on uneven occupations and little contributions of citizens ; the life may even be harsher. with the ill will you feel from the local community. “They react angrily. I am non comfy here and if I could I would travel someplace else…I experience trapped” . said Abu Nour. after he was badly beaten by Turkish soldiers when he tried to traverse the boundary lines to come in Turkey ( Letsch ) .

All these factors point out to a fact that pouring money on human-centered AIDSs alternatively of accepting more refugees does non look to give the consequences that Canada has expected. Are we still that compassionate. Canada? Not excessively long ago. in 2013. Canada responded to Typhoon Haiyan within 24 hours and promised to fast-track Filipino’s visa applications and 1. 097 Filipinos were given abode licenses within 6 months. In 2010. Canada fast-tracked 3. 300 Haitian applications after a major temblor in Haiti ( Goodspeed ) . Canada is capable to welcome more than 1. 300 refugees and fast-track the deductions to deliver more suffering people. but it chose non to. No plans similar are provided for Syrian refugees. Alternatively. theapplication procedure is highly frustrating for some despairing Syrian refugees.

If one losing reference or telephone figure is found on the application. the application will be returned to the applier and after one and a half twelvemonth waiting. the refugees are still hanging at the get downing line. non even shut to the finish line. As Immigration Minister Chris Alexander puts it. Canada has “to be careful in any portion of the universe where terrorist groups are operating” ( … ) . Granted. there may be a few terrorists utilizing the refuge system to come in Canada and make public terror and hence security cheque is indispensable for society’s concerns. but to what extent we have to disregard the fact that a monolithic sum of Syrians are guiltless people and victims of the terrorist act. It is absurd that some bantam errors sometimes weigh over the life of a refugee and unacceptable to hold dual criterion toward an cultural group.