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System of a Down (System) is an Armenian metal band that formed in the early 90’s. When System first formed they became incredibly popular among teenagers. System is also widely known for their controversial and political songs. The current members of System are Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian, John Dolmayan.

System first formed under the name of soil. When Soil broke up Serj, Daron, and Shavo decided to form a new band and they called it System of a down. The name came from a poem that Daron wrote called “Victims of the Down” which was changed to System of a Down to try and appeal to a wider audience (System of a Down).During their time together System released five albums. Throughout those albums System has maintained a constant, strong political message of government corruption and pro-democracy. System’s second album, Toxicity reached #1 on the charts. System also had their song B.

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Y. O. B. Nominated for best hard rock performance in 2006 and it won. In 2006 System announced at a concert that it would be the last time that they play together for a long time. This was extremely disappointing to many of their extremely loyal fans. System eventually calmed the fans saying that they would be back, they just didn’t know when (System of a Down).

The point of the hiatus was to work on their own side projects and see what they could make of them. John and Daron formed Scars on Broadway and achieved some success assisted by many System fans still wanting to hear their favorite musicians play. Serj went on to chase a solo career in a band where he played all the instruments.

When performing live he was to be accompanied by an orchestra, the name of his band was Elect The Dead. Serj went on to have great success in his solo career, unlike his fellow band mates in Scars, his first album was received extremely well and he even gained a large amount of fans.In Elect The dead Serj is much more soft than he was when he was with System. However, just because the sound is softer doesn’t mean that the message got any weaker. In Elect The Dead Serj is as political as ever and he even created a group that is trying to remove the electoral college from our system, along with many other changes (Serj Tankian).

In an interview Serj was asked how life has been since System was on hiatus, and he responded saying that life has been less stressful, he could work on his own schedule and do whatever he wanted.He was also asked when System would return from hiatus and he said that he still didn’t know when. Serj also came out with a second album labeled Imperfect Harmonies.

This album like his first was revived greatly by fans. In recent years Serj has also became more active in animal rights, he has also signed a PETA petition against the slaughtering of animals. He also became a vegetarian and noticeably lost weight and said that he feels better overall and feels more connected with mother earth (Serj Tankian).

Scars on Broadway was not as successful as Serj in his solo career, but they did appeal to some.Scars on Broadway appealed to a smaller audience than Serj, but the fans were just as loyal. Scars only ever released one self titled album and it wasn’t very well received (Scars on Broadway). Unfortunately it has been rumored that while with Scars, Daron suffered from depression, which is believed to be the reason that Scars canceled their USO tour. Also shortly after the cancellation, the band went on hiatus.

The band later united for a short reunion tour in 2010 where they debuted a few new songs. In November 2010 there were rumors going around that System was going to get back together.The band continued to deny all of these claims for a while, but then towards the end of November, System announced that they would be back together for tour in summer 2011. This was met with an incredible response from fans, and this caused System to continue adding more tour dates for the summer of 2011.

System is a great metal band that is extremely popular among teens. They have a wide influence over their fans and their songs support their beliefs. System is no doubt, one of the most influential bands in musical history, right up their with The Beatles.