The Mongabay.

com has this article about logging and its effect on the rainforest and on a country’s economy as well. It told a story of how Asian loggers have come to invade other countries’ rainforests like that of South Africa and Central America after their resources has depleted with their timber-harvest.Illegal logging is the primary concern here. The article stated that since most of the developing countries sees that they could earn more or gain more if they subject their forests to illegal logging, they agree to make deals that became abusive for their rainforests.

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The article has showed economic effects of these illegal logging practices. Some areas of the forest are now useless because of roads that have been made to make way for trucks loaded with logs. Most areas have also been damaged and cannot be used any longer for cultivation because of forest fires. These factors had greatly affected the economy. Illegal logging operations had not only destroyed much of the forest’s land but also the potential source of income because the land couldn’t be used any more.The forest resources measurements taken here are the land areas used in logging and the affected economy.

These data are very useful in determining how to manage the rainforest. Researchers measure the land areas that have been used for illegal logging. They could ask from the local officials which areas are permitted to be logged and which are not. From there, they could trace which are the land areas that are legally logged and which are not.

They also look at the probable income when the forest has been used for legal logging instead of illegal logging. They look at “what-could-have-been” and the “how-much-could-have-been” for those rainforests for years to come. With this information at hand, they can make proposals at how to conserve those areas or the other areas that are not yet damaged. They could also look for some cooperation with the local officials regarding rules that must be implemented to save those areas.                       Reference:Buttler, Rhed (2008). Logging. Retrieved November 14, 2008 from