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Chronic liver harm produces liver fibrosis. This disease leads to cirrhosis and its complications, portal high blood pressure, liver failure, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Soon, hepatic fibrosis treated through merely the backdown of the noxious agent. Therefore, there is an tremendous scarceness of antifibrotic drugs. Therefore, drug developments through utilizing possible new antifibrotic marks have been late initiated. Several drug marks have been recorded which are leptin, leptin receptors, adiponectin etc. Here, we have chosen leptin receptors to develop the antifibrotic drugs. For that, we have developed 3D construction through homology modeling. We have besides prepared a little molecular library with alkaloids ( 7 molecules ) from East-Asian medicative workss particularly Indian, Chinese. Ultimately, we docked with these molecules with our drug mark. Finally, it has been recorded that tetrandrine can adhere with leptin receptor with less energy.

Keywords: hepatic fibrosis, drug mark, leptin receptors, ligands


Hepatic fibrosis has been proved to be a life endangering complication of public, worldwide which occurs due to chronic liver hurt which finally leads to cirrhosis of liver. The stimulation that triggers hepatic fibrosis includes viruses, autoimmune diseases, metabolic upsets and many more [ 1 ] . In normal status, merely 5-10 % of the cells of the liver are composed of hepatic stellate cells ( HSC ) that are present in the subendothelial infinite between hepatocytes and sinusoidal endothelial cells. These hepatic stellate cells ( HSC ) antecedently known as lipocytes, Ito cells, or perisinusoidal cells and were besides recognized as the collagen-producing cells in the liver [ 2 ] . This cell type was foremost explained by von Kupffer in 1876 which phenotypically activated during chronic liver diseases and causes fibrogenic belongingss [ 3 ] . Under stressed status induced by chronic or acute liver disease, HSC undergo phenotypic alterations which will ensue in shift of these cells from a quiescent vitamin A rich phenotype to myofibroblastic phenotype [ 1,4 ] . De-novo fibrogenic belongingss are now shown by activated HSCs, which will include secernment of proinflamatory cytokines and chemokines, proliferation of the cells and synthesis of matrix proteins and inhibitors of matrix degrading protein in big extra [ 5,6 ] , all of which will finally take to progressive cicatrix formation in the liver ( Fig.1 ) .

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Till day of the month, many attacks have been taken to suppress or retreat the deleterious agent that causes fibrosis ; but this attack is non that executable and hence attempts are directed for developing liver-specific antifibrotic therapies. There is no specific antifibrotic intervention has been detected yet, still uninterrupted attempts are being enforced on clinical tests of measuring little molecules that can pave the manner for handling this deathly disease [ 8,9 ] . Furthermore several experimental analyses have revealed that myofibroblastic activation of hepatic myofibroblasts derieved from portal connective tissue, perivascular fibroblasts of portal and cardinal venas and periductular fibroblasts activates the hepatic orbiter cells for bring oning fibrosis. Rescent surveies have focussed on emerging antifibrotic curative marks which are- PPAR I? agonist ( peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma agonist ) , leptin and leptin receptor, adiponectin etc [ 7 ] .

Leptin and leptin receptor can be possible dug mark for this disease [ 7 ] . An corpulent cistron is responsible for leptin synthesis and this protein derived from adipocytes cells whose work is to form the nutrient consumption and energy equilibrium by utilizing some sort of receptor ( OB-R ) . Leptin serum degrees are found to be increased in patients enduring from alcoholic cirrhosis of liver [ 10 ] . It has been reported that mice with leptin lack or holding mutants in leptin receptor showed decreased degree of liver fibrogenesis. This protein is unperceivable in the normal liver which is produced during fibrogenesis can be by activated hepatic myofibroblasts in vitro and in vivo specially which is obtained by thioacetamide [ 11-12 ] . Therefore, any adversaries of leptin receptors can be promising drug campaigner molecule hepatic fibrosis. So, leptin receptor barricading through adversary has tremendous potency to bring around hepatic fibrosis.

Ligand molecules may move as an adversary of receptor which has used as drug marks [ 13 ] . Several medicative workss which have been used for a long clip are the beginning new campaigner curative molecules [ 14 ] . Therefore, these medicative workss which are the immense beginning of several compounds like flavonoid, terpenoid or other compounds may move as ligands [ 15 ] . These works derived ligands have shown its potency for the receptor suppression [ 16 ] . These workss may me less toxic ; as, these workss have been used by the people for long clip. Therefore, these workss particularly medicative workss have tremendous potency for mining the ligand molecules.

In this survey, we have developed drug campaigner molecule for liver fibrogenesis through computing machine aided drug design. For that, we have chosen the leptin receptor to develop the adversary for hepatic fibrosis. For ligand molecule, we have selected from some compounds of Chinese and Indian medicinal workss and prepared a little molecule library from East Asiatic medicinal workss particularly form the medicative Chinese and Indian medicinal workss. We have performed docking analysis little molecues with the leptin receptor. The adhering energies from the docking analysis informed us that the tetrandrine can adhere with leptin receptor with less energy.


Data excavation

We have collected information about leptin receptor and this functional protein sequences in FASTA format was collected from the National Center for Biotechnology information ( NCBI ) ( ) [ 17 ] and used for farther analysis.

Preparation of the mark protein by homology modeling

We have performed the homology patterning to bring forth the PDB construction. PDB construction of the leptin receptor is no available in the PDB database. The sequence of human leptin receptor ( LEPR ) , called the mark sequence, was used for homology modeling and the procedure of homology modeling of leptin receptor has been followed by method of Poornima et Al. [ 18 ] with some alteration.

3D construction coevals with PYMOL and coevals of surface pit and adhering channel designation

The PyMOL [ 19 ] , have been used to for the coevals of 3D every bit good as designation of adhering channels of curative targetsWe have used “ .pdb ” files to bring forth the surface construction and the pits of those proteins.

Preparation of the compound library

PubChemA [ 20 ] is a publically availableA databaseA ofA chemicalA moleculesA and their activities against biological checks. The system is maintained by theA National Center for Biotechnology InformationA ( NCBI ) , a constituent of theA National Library of Medicine, which is portion of the United StatesA National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) . We have prepared a little molecular library of 7 compounds from East Asiatic medicinal workss particularly form the medicative Chinese and Indian medicinal workss recovering the constructions of the several little molecules from pubchem.


Molecular moorage has become an built-in portion of many modern structure-based drug find attempts. For docking, we have used the Hex [ 21 ] which is a fourier transform ( FFT ) -based protein docking waiter. Minimum energy with docked molecule was calculated utilizing ligand information.


Surface Cavity and Binding Groove

Surface pit and adhering channels has been provided in Fig.2. It has been recorded that The protein is holding several surface pit. However, five major surface pits are noted.

Molecular Library

We have besides constructed molecular from East Asiatic medicinal workss particularly form the medicative Chinese and Indian medicinal workss library have been recoded in Table.1


Docking consequences with tetrandrine has been recoded in fig.3. and the moorage parametric quantities have been in table – 2. We have recorded that the adhering energies from the docking analysis less for the tetrandrine which is -323.60.


Here we have consider leptin receptor as drug mark. Other people has describe that leptin receptor as drug mark for heptic fibrosis [ 7 ] . However PPAR I? , adiponectin can besides be used as drug mark. the lPPAR I? are mostly found in adipocytes cells and are responsible for adipogenesis. They are a member of atomic receptor ace household of ligand dependent written text factors. During HSC activation, look of PPAR I? decreases to about undetectable degree and rhenium expressed when exposed to PPAR I? agonists [ 22-25 ] . Finally adhering of PPAR I? with anti diabetic thioazelinediones lessening patterned advance of fibrosis [ 26 ] . However, it can be utilize a drug mark. Alternatively, adiponectin, merchandise of adipocyte cells, can be a drug mark for lever fibroblasts. Several groundss have been obtained that supports the fact that during chronic liver diseases, adiponectin dramas antifibrotic function [ 27 ] .

Here, As, among the molecules tetrandrine binds with less energy with leptin receptor and it is for the Cynara scolymus, A Cynara scolymus medicative works which has bee used by the people from long clip. Therefore, we are hopeful that tetrandrine, may be a good drug campaigner for hereafter. However, more surveies required in relation to the binding of the molecule with the leptin receptor.