Task 1.

1  Introduction                                                                                Tunku Abdul RahmanUniversity College, also known as TARUC, is a non-profit education institutioncategorized under service type business organization which provides qualityeducation in theform of diploma and degree programmes without the intent of making a profit. The institution is named afterthe late first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Teramat Mulia, Tunku AbdulRahman Putra Al-Haj. Founded in 1969 and was known as Tunku Abdul RahmanCollege (TARC) by the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), theinstitution is built on the noble principle of providing quality and affordableeducation irrespective of race, creed and class. After 44 years, in 2013, the college was upgraded tothe status of University College. TARUC has 5 branches across the nation withthe main campus located at Jalan Genting Kelang in Kuala Lumpur, sited on 186acres of land. The first branch campus is in Penang which was founded in 1994on a temporary location till 1999 where the purpose – built campus in TanjungBungah, Penang is completed.

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1998 is the year the second branch campus is foundedin Kampar, Perak alongside the third branch campus in the state of campus. Theestablishment of the fourth branch campus was in 1999 whereas the fifth andlast branch campus was established in 2002 in the state of Sabah. The University College has a student population of more than27,000, including local students and international students from countries suchas Indonesia, Taiwan, Maldives, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Bangladesh, SouthKorea, Singapore, USA and Papua New Guinea.Tunku Abdul Rahman University College(TARUC) contains numerous faculties such as Faculty of Accountancy, Finance& Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences andComputing, Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Centre forPre-University Studies, Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research, andCentre for Nation Building and Languages.

The institution is widely-known forits Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & Business as it has ACCA ALP Platinum(Approved Learning Partner), MAICSA for exemption up to 12 papers, CIMA QualityLearning Partner, courses approved by ACCA UK to run the ACCA InternallyAssessed Fundamentals (Knowledge and Skills Modules) Programme andBachelor-degree programmes with dual award from Sheffield Hallam University,United Kingdom.The institution also offers varioustypes of facilities for the students pursuing their tertiary studies. Thefacilities include library, sports facilities, transportation, and computingfacilities. The library is not only equipped with air-conditioning and varioustypes of books but also with info-web systems that aid students and staffs inlocating books easily, internet computers and rooms for study, discussion andindividual study areas. The sports facilities includesports complex,  badminton courts, basketball courts, swimmingpool, gymnasium and squash courts. Outdoor fields are available for football,basketball, futsal, and volleyball at the main campus and certain branchcampus. Transportation is provided in the form of bus to various locations nearthe institution. Lastly, TARUC also have computer labs for students especiallystudents of Faculty of Applied Sciences andComputing to carry out hands on practice on their work.

               Task1.2  Organisation ChartTask1.3  Major Function of  Departments BursaryDepartment Payment and fund is one of the major function ofbursary department which allows students to pay for their education feesthrough fees payment system. Students who cannot pay their full education feesalso can pay through payment system by banker’s cheques, money order, PublicBank debit cards or credit cards at bursary counter.

When the student makes payment at bursary, the staffwill request and receive the bill from student. The staff will then verify thebill based on the payment code on the bill statement with the payment code inthe system. Once verified, the staff will accept the exact amount of paymentfrom the student and enter it into system. This payment information then willbe updated into database, and a receipt will be generated by the system asevidence of payment for the student and reference for staff.LibraryMain function of library provides students access tohundreds of printed serials and a full list of online resources such as e-journals,e-books, online databases, and other more which related to the UniversityCollege programmes. Students or other user can search the library holdings,renew items, reserve checked out items and view the list of new books at anytime or anywhere through Virtua Integrated Library System. Firstly, student need to login atlogin menu at Library InfoWeb.

Student will then search and check for thestatus for the book in Library InfoWeb based on various criteria. Once the bookis found, the student can apply for the book and add into cart to wait for hisor her turn. When the book is available, the student will receive notice forcollection of the book from Library InfoWeb.  AdministrationDepartmentThe major function of administration department is toensure the smooth work flow and the productivity of various department.

Thebasic function of administration department is to planning, organizing,controlling and directing the organization operation.HumanResource DepartmentThe major function of human resource department ishiring or recruiting employees and also provides training for workers toimprove the performance of an organization. This department also analyses theemployees work performance and the development programmes.StudentRegistration DepartmentMajor function of student registration department ishelp student register their programme or course through student registrationsystem. The system is used to register students data and validate whether thestudent qualifiedeligible to take the course apply. After the student fulfilthe minimum requirement or above, the student registration system will generatestudent acceptance letter through online to student. At first, student will need to fill in all personalinformation into application form on TARUC registration website.

Then, thestudent will wait for receiving acceptance letter or instant messages generatedby system after being verified the staff and the system. Once the studentreceived the notice, the student need to make payment at bank or bursarydepartment. After paid the payment, the student registration department need toverify for the payment and SPM results.    Task 2.1  How can Information System reducesoperational costs within the departmentDepartment: Library departmentInformation System:  Virtua Integrated Library SystemHow it reduces operationalcosts:The information system brings about several benefits to the department.Firstly, the adoption of the Virtua Integrated Library System helps to improvethe library services. The system helps to reduce the heavy workload of thelibrary staffs. This allows the librarians to have more time to provide qualityand better services for the customers.

The staff will be able to answer orserve the needs of the library patrons according to their needs in detail. Withthe implementation of the library system, which can operate 24 hours and doesnot need to rest can help the Library department to reduce their expenditure onhiring staff to work on odd hours or during holidays.The implementation of the Virtua Integrated Library System brings aboutthe improvement in cataloging process. Cataloging process is automated to helpthe library staffs carry out the cataloging process at a faster and moreefficient rate. Automated cataloging process helps the librarians toautomatically identify and categorize the book’s genre to reduce the time takenfor the cataloging process.

This not only help to reduce the time spent on theprocess, but also reduces the costs of paying the librarians over-time as it iscompleted quicker.Moreover, the implementation of the library system enhances thereporting and monitoring accuracy and reliability. The system willautomatically update the database after the checking out or return of book ishandled.

This feature helps in improving the efficiency of booking, usertracking, and material circulation. This helps the management level of thelibrary staff to acquire timely, accurate and reliable records of the booksmovement at any time and gives rise to a dynamic and efficient reporting andfrequent oversight of the library processes. Not only that, this function ofthe library system also helps to reduce the cost of paper as the amount ofreports printed can be reduce as all the reports and monitoring are donedigitally after the adoption of the system.Implementation of the library system also helps to redesign the workflowof the library. This is a result of the system making the manual processes suchas issuing books and collecting books become automated and electronic.

Thischanges the process of book issuing by reducing the steps required duringissuing of books. For example, before the implementation of the system, bookissuing details is recorded by one staff and passed to another for recordingthe information into the computer. After the implementation, the steps arereduced as only one staff is required to scan the barcode using the scanner andall the information is automatically stored. This not only reduce the time andprocess, but also reduces the cost of hiring staff as the system reduces andreplaces the need for staffs for operation.Lastly, the adoption of the Virtua Integrated Library System helps toeliminate the inflexible, legacy separate systems. The adoption of the systemhelps to eliminate the separate systems used by the various processes of thelibrary department such as book issuing process, book return process, finepayment process and so on. The information system consists of all the modulesrequired by the department thus replacing all the separated ones which requiresmaintenance from different vendors. Therefore, this adoption of the librarysystem also reduces the cost of maintenance required as they would only need topay one company to maintain their system instead of paying many companies tomaintain their many separated systems.

 Department: Department ofAdmissions and Credit EvaluationsInformation System: TARUCStudent Intranet SystemHow it reduces operationalcosts:The TARUC Student Intranet System, TARUC Intranet in short is a crucialsystem used in the entire college university. TARUC Intranet brings about manyadvantages to the department. The first advantage of using the informationsystem is improving the communication between the college university and thestudents. The system is able to connect the student bodies with the universityboard and allow the students to receive various notifications from the schoolboard by using the dashboard function TARUC Intranet. This helps the departmentto reduce the extra communication fees required to link the students and theschool board.

The implementation of the information system also helps improve themanagement of student data. The TARUC System helps to pool and organize thestudent’s data into a more readable and well-organized manner. This helps toreduce the time of the staff required to organize all the student data studentby student, thus also leading to the reduction of the cost to pay the staff forworking over-time.Adoption of TARUC Intranet helps to eliminate the various separatesystems used by the department. The information system eliminates the many variousseparated systems used in the many function of the departments such as reportcard generation function, student registration function and so on.

Thestandardization of the systems under one roof can also help to reduce themaintenance cost of the systems as payment is only needed for one large systeminstead of many.Implementation of the information system also help to reduce the costfor printing for the system. Many of the reports such as examination reports ofstudents are all converted to digital copies and generated automatically by thesystem thus reducing the cost of the printing as students can download thedigital copy and print it themselves if needed. This also reduces the time andenergy required by the staff to prepare the template of the report.Lastly, the adoption of the TARUC Intranet System help to reduce thecost of hiring staffs.

This is said so because the system can carry out variousfunctions such as surveys and co-curriculum which is traditionally done andanalyzed manually by the staff. With the implementation of the informationsystem, the cost of hiring these staff if cut down as the system replaces themanual labor.               Task 2.2  Function of the Information System on eachDepartmentStudentName : Peh Lay ChinDepartment: Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation InformationSystem : TARUC Student Intranet Feature/ Function : Co-curricularcourse registrationTARUC student intranet have a co-curricular courseregistration function. The system automatically determine the amount of credithours left of the students to check whether the students is eligible/able totake up the co-curricular activity. If the students is eligible, the systemwill display the details for the co-curricular course registration such asduration, spaces available, sports instructor, venue and type of co-curricularactivity. Once the students have selected their co-curricular activity, thesystem will run an analysis to check whether that the student have taken andpass the same co-curricular activity. If so, the system will automaticallyreject the application.

Once successfully registered, the system willautomatically reduce the amount of the available spaces and update thestudent’s details into the list in the TARUC database. Once the particularco-curricular course is no longer available, the system will automaticallydisplay a message to notify the user.  Department: Library DepartmentInformationSystem : Virtua Integrated Library SystemFeature/ Function :  Calculate overdue finesVirtua Integrated Library System helps user, thelibrarians to calculate overdue fines that should be paid by the borrower. Thesystem automatically starts calculating fines according to the rates set by thechief librarian after the designated date of returning the book has passed andthe book has not been returned yet. Once the book is returned, the systemautomatically stops calculating the fines and displays the overdue fines owedby the borrower.

   StudentName : Eng Wei GuanDepartment: Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation InformationSystem : TARUC Student Intranet Feature/ Function : PaymentThe payment module can carry out some action such asthe current billing, payment history, linking to personal bank account andgenerate electronic receipt. In the current billing, bursary department cansend semester fees directly to all the students.  Students can download electronicallygenerated invoice and bring to pay the fees at the bank. Students who havelinked their personal bank account to the system and directly make paymentthrough the TARUC intranet. Once the payment is make, the system will updatethe payment information into the database and display it on the payment historytab.

The payment history system will display the payment details such asbilling reference number, payment description, amount paid, receipt and paymentdate. The system will act as a TARUC bursar and generate an electronic receiptas prove of payment and automatically issues it to both the students and thebursary department.  Department: Library DepartmentInformationSystem : Virtua Integrated Library SystemFeature/ Function : Book Renewal Services Virtua Integrated Library System allows students torenew the books that they have borrowed online through the Library Infowebpowered and linked to the Virtua Integrated Library System. Students can renewthe books by logging on/in to their Library Infoweb account.

They can renew thebooks through the Infoweb 3 times per book. After renewing on the Infoweb, theVirtua Integrated Library System will automatically update the status of thebook into its database.    StudentName : Mak Ming YuanDepartment: Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation InformationSystem : TARUC Student Intranet Feature/ Function : SurveyThe system can carry out survey function. The systemwill automatically assign the survey form and criteria according to thestudent’s courses of the particular semester. The system will display thequestionnaire to the respective user.

The user will then be able to submit theanswered questionnaire anonymously as the system will automatically mask theuser info from the recipient. The system will then calculate and summarize theresults from the questionnaire and display it in an organised manner to thedepartments that require this info. The system will also generate an electronicreport about students who did not carry out the survey and send it to therespective department/faculty.

The survey function can be carried out invarious form such as answering questions in written form, selective answer andrating. In TARUC two major surveys are carried out in each semester, coursesurvey and services survey. Department: Library DepartmentInformationSystem : Virtua Integrated Library SystemFeature/ Function : Search FunctionVirtua Integrated Library System has a detailed searchfunction. Students and staffs can search for the books/collection within thelibrary through the search function. After entering various search criteriassuch as authot name, book name, publishing date and so on, the system willautomatically run the search and display the items that matches with thecriteria. The screen will then show the various details of the item thatmatches the criteria entered.     StudentName : Tneh Aun HeeDepartment: Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation InformationSystem : TARUC Student Intranet Feature/ Function : CourseRepeat and Resit RegistrationThe TARUC Student Intranet System helps students toregister for their resit or repeat courses.

The system will automaticallyevaluate the student result and decide which students did not achieve higherthan the benchmark and have to re-sit or repeat the certain course paper. Whenregistering, the system will calculate the amount of credit hours available basedon the students current timetable. It will display the amount of credit hoursavailable for the students above the re-sit or repeat course details. When thestudents select a course paper to re-sit or repeat, the system will roboticallydeduct the amount of credit hours available. If the student’s credit hours isfull, the system will change the colour of the credit hours used by the courseor paper to red to inform the user that their credit hours is at maximumcapacity.

After successfully registering, the information system will total theamount required to pay by the students for their re-sit or repeat course orpaper and send the electronically generated bill with the amount to-be-paid onthe bill to the students via the TARUC student intranet. Department: Library DepartmentInformationSystem : Virtua Integrated Library SystemFeature/ Function : CatalogingCataloging is the process of creating metadatarepresenting information sources. The Virtua Integrated Library System willautomatically arranges the item/inventory of the library according to theselected criteria and displays it for the user. This function helps users toidentify the availability of the book easier and to know which books are of thelatest arrival or popular/high-in-demand. The system automatically identifiesand arranges the particulars of the items once it is entered by the librarianinto the system.  Task 3.1  Reportof the TARUC Information SystemInformation system: TARUC Student IntranetType of output/report:Exam Results ReportContent: Performcalculation and generate results To whom Purpose Student Students able to reflect on their achievement, so they have a motivation to improve themselves. Besides that, students can apply for their merit scholarship with this report for the application and verification.

Parents Parents can know their children results and the report will also help them when they apply the financial aid in their company for their child. Government To ensure the students have the qualifications to continue funding by refer to the exam results report.  college To ensure that the students has pass the minimum requirement to graduate and eligible to continue and proceed their further studies.  Information system: TARUC Student Intranet Type of output/report: ExamSlip Content: Calculate thecost of course and generate payment letter To whom Purpose Students To let the students know which paper they are sitting for and allow them to compare the code on the slip with the exam paper to ensure that they are not taking the wrong paper. Examiner To check whether the students is qualified to sit for the paper and is the correct candidate not a substitute. College To fill in the information for the form based on the exam slip when the students are late or absent from the exam.