Task 1You are toproduce a written piece of work which evaluates the implications of followingan HE course (3.1).

You should also discuss how these implications might affectyour choice of course. (3.2) You shouldinclude, identify and evaluate: You might be able to get a loan for money to help you payfor university’s or colleges fees and to help you with your living costs and ontop of this you are able to get extra money if you meet the requirements suchas if you are on low income or if you have children or if you are disabled. Ifyou are a new full time student, you canapply for a Tuition Fee Loan andMaintenance if your course starts on or after 1 august2017/2018. Full-time students Tuition Fee Loan for the 2016 to 2017 academic year Tuition Fee Loan for the 2017 to 2018 academic year If a full time student You can get up to £9,000 You can get up to £9,250 If you are a full-time at a private university or a college You can get up to £6,000 You can get up to £9,165 To help you with youliving costs you can get a maintenance loan.

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This loan will be paid directlyinto your bank when the term starts and this loan you will have to pay backonce the course finishes you may also have to give the details of your housesincome as the amount you are given is depending on that. Full-time student Loan for the 2016 to 2017 academic year Loan for the 2017 to 2018 academic year If you are living at home with your parents You can get up to £6,904 You can get up to £7,097 If you are living away from home, outside London You can get up to £8,200 You can get up to £8,430 If you are Living away from home, in London You can get up to £10,702 You can get up to £11,002 If you have spent a year of a UK course studying abroad You can get up to £9,391 You can get up to £9,654 Your eligibility depends on where you are going touniversity or college and what course you are going on to also if you haven’tstudied a higher education course before the one you have applied to and itwill depend on your age as well. They will check your nationality and where youhave lived and for how long you have lived there for and who you live with.     Otherallowances such as Child Care Grants, Disabled Student’s Allowance, help for part time students etc. (3.1)Students that have kids are are able to get extra living costsbut you must be a full time student.

Alsoif the child is under the age 15 but if the child has special educational needs it’sunder the age of 17. The grant the parents will get doesn’t need to be paidback and they will also get other student finances. To have eligibility itdepends on what university or college you are applying to and what course youare going in to. They will also ask if you have done a higher education coursebefore and it will also depend on your age and your nationality and yourresidency status. What you will get with the finance is up to 85% of yourchildcare cost and the total amount you will get all depends on how much you house hold income is this depends on how much other people you live with make if it’sfrom your parents or significant other. And how much a week or a month for thecost of your child will also depend howmuch you will get also how many children you have as this will depend on howmuch you will get as well if you have one child you can get up to £159.59 aweek and if you have 2 or more children you can get up to up to £273.

60 a weekand if you don’t give the right details about your child provider on yourapplication it will set your first payment will be a maximum of £123.38 a weekor 85% of your estimate whichever is less. You will be paid in 3 instalmentsover the time you are in college or university and the payment will be made atthe start of each term and the money will be put into your bank right away. Anymoney you get is paid on top of your student finance and you don’t have to payit back.  Details aboutbursaries offered by Universities and Colleges, e.

g. Newcastle College. (3.1)Newcastle College offers a bursary up to £1000 to new full time undergraduate that will be paying thefull fees and start their degree at Newcastle College in September 2018. Allstudents will be given a bursary of £400 each year they study at the collegeand if you meet a certain criteria youwould be able to get an extra £600 pound on top of the £1000 or £400 and theywill get this each year. The college gives the bursary is to us help us gettingto college or help with living costs if you live by yourself or with asignificant other.  Eligibility to receive the full £1000 bursary will be decided by where youlive as this is a part of the national collaborative outreach program.

Youreligibility is elements of the student loan company’s finance packages thiswould be your maintenance loan. This will be revisited by using the criteriaannually. You will not need to reapply for the bursary as it will do it by itsself and will email you telling you if you are able to get it. You will receive25% payment in December, 25% in February and 50% in May.        Issues such asliving away from home including finding accommodation (if applicable), supportwith personal issues, childcare, support for people with learning difficultiesor disabilities etc.

(3.1)With living away from home the maintenance loan will helpyou with you living away from you parents and there can be problems as such1.    Not havingenough money to pay rent2.    Beingevicted 3.    Not findingaccommodation 4.    Mightnot be in the right location/not close and have to find a ride to college5.    Certainrule the landlord has you have to follow like no pets or no smoking6.

    Repairson the building7.    Healthand safety 8.    Neighborslike noise and aggressive or drug use9.    Gettingyour deposit back10.  Food/electric/gas/internetbillThese are the most common accommodation issuesyou can have and this might put people off wanting to get accommodation andmaking them choose to stay with their family.

From the first point this issuemight be that they have spent all of their money and not being able to pay theirrent or pay for food. This might lead to them being evicted and put on thestreet or have to move back into their parents. If they do get a place, thereis a possibility they get a place to stay and it is quite far from the collegeor university and they have to get a public transport or their own transport tocollege or university. You might get a place and the landlord has rules thatyou have to stick to like no pet but if you have brought a pet with you youmight have to rehome it or leave it with your parents. If you damage somethingin the accommodation by purpose or by accident you are going to have to pay toget it fixed or get billed for the damages. There may be a lack of health and safetyin the accommodation and if there is a fire there could be no fire extinguisheror there could be no first aid available if you are sharing an accommodationwith people.

If you live in the city you may live next to people that are extremelyloud and aggressive so it might make you scared to leave the house and they maydo drugs and if the police come, they could get the wrong house and raid yoursinstead of them. If you get kicked out before the first month of living thereyou may have trouble getting your deposit back that you have placed and thelandlord might refuse to give you your money back. If you lack money you may beunable to pay for your utility bills and for your food and this might lead togetting a loan and putting yourself into more debt.    A discussionabout what you perceive are the benefits and costs of following a course inrelation to your own personal development, career aspirations andcircumstances, e.g. the qualification itself, job opportunities, study skillsgained etc.

(3.2) A discussionabout how the implications might affect your final choice and course selection.(3.2) Task 3 (1.3)Finally, youare to create a written report that evaluates the plan you created inassignment 1, touch on:What went well?What did not gowell?What wasdifficult?What wassurprising?What would youchange?Was itbeneficial?What would youadvise others doing the same thing next year?The overallusefulness of the plan