Tatiana Nunez Prof. MayoEnglish 100-016726 January 2018                                                                     Me, Myself, and I      Growing up in a home filled with warmth and unconditional love as a child I was pushed to my limit by living in a rough area of Oakland Ca, but traveling to Hayward Ca, for a better learning opportunity. When I was younger I would come straight home after school and start doing homework and study if necessary, I was persistent about learning new things and I made sure everyone knew. In elementary school I actively won academic and achievement awards. When I was in elementary school I think I had a growth mindset because I knew I could learn more if i practiced and exercised my brain. As a few years went by in middle school I rebelled, I was carefree about classwork, homework, and I became antisocial in all aspects of life during this time. I certainly think I had transformed into having a fixed mindset because I didn’t think I could grow academically or as a person.

I thought I was stuck in that position because of a tragic death in my family. Entering high school is where I became more confident in the person I was, I wanted to achieve the goals of being a better student, I also learned to cope with challenges school threw at me. From high school to the present day my mindset has and will remain a growth mindset.    Back in high school I joined a academy to guide me to graduation and college, since I would be the only one in family to attend college, I needed the extra guidance. The best educational history I experienced was in the academy, we were a big family and supported each other from the teachers to the students. My english teacher my senior year invested extra time tutoring me, double checking my work, and giving advice which was the biggest impact on my life to this day. Comparing the beginning and end of high school I improved tremendously due to the fact the teachers I had imbued time and endless effort into me.

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I believe the worst educational history I experienced was the middle of eighth grade year, I was failing, I didn’t pay attention in class but the teacher never approached me on a level of what I was going through.When I attempted to reach out  my teacher told me that ” if I didn’t try in his class or in life I wouldn’t be successful.” I felt defeated, therefore I turned the negativity to motivate me, so nobody would be able to doubt me again.   Throughout high school i’ve loved writing, I always felt comfort in expressing my opinion.

My favorite essay I wrote was about my Native Alaskan tribe, I got to learn and research in detail about the language, heritage, and food. Writing a essay, poem, or music lets me escape reality, I get to be in my own world bothered my nobody. Reading unfortunately is not my forte, although I do pick up  a book occasionally if it sparks my interest. One of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby because it show that the rich mysterious guy that nobody knows can still find love.   In conclusion, today I’m motivated and aspire to become a extraordinary writer and reader. My goal in this class after the semester is over is to apply everything I’ve learned into the set of skills I have developed already.

I would like to learn how to interpret the text more and analyze a piece of writing more efficiently, as well as I feel I’m deficient in some aspects of writing a essay and I would appreciate constructive criticism in my work. At Los Medanos College I would like to obtain my associates degree in psychology, to further my education I want to go to Uc Irvine and get my undergraduate in biology, chemistry, math, and physics, then go to medical school, complete my residency, obtain my license and become board certified all to become a psychiatrist. In addition, the support I would like is encouragement, advice giving and a truly passionate teacher.