We are two 6th grade pupils from CSG Penta College Jacob new wave Liesveldt in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands. We want to lend to planetary wellness betterment ; peculiarly the wellness in 3rd universe states which do n’t hold the money themselves, though they do necessitate the aid. We were introduced to the Imagine undertaking by our chemical science instructor, P. Dijkwel. He knew about our involvement in DNA and diseases and suggested the undertaking DNA-analyse of the Imagine School Competition. Lotte van de Berg made it possible for us to take part in the DNA-Analyse undertaking. In this undertaking we wanted to unite our involvement in DNA and the possibility to lend to the wellness of 3rd universe people.

Worldwide, infective diseases are responsible for one tierce of the entire sum of one-year deceases. However, about all of these deceases occur in 3rd universe states because of the big prevalence of many wellness issues like malnutrition, deficiency of clean imbibing H2O, hapless hygiene and few medical resources. The HIV-virus is the outstanding cause of decease, claiming over 1.2 million lives in sub-Saharan Africa merely. After HIV/AIDS and malaria comes TB in the list of top causes of deceases in 3rd universe states. Tuberculosis is responsible for a sum of 1.

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4 million deceases per twelvemonth, with 95 % of the deceases happening in 3rd universe states.Because of these flooring statistics, we decided to establish our undertaking on the 3rd universe job TB. Our undertaking comprises a lasting trial to show whether a individual has TB or non, and a description of the existent realization of the undertaking. The trial, a combination of two already bing microbiological and molecular methods, has to be really simple to put to death, inexpensive and it must bring forth dependable consequences. This is indispensable in order to do the trial lasting and attractive for practical usage.If decently applied, this trial can mostly cut down the figure of tuberculosis deceases. Seasonably naming increases the opportunity of effectual antibiotic intervention and it reduces the hazard on eruptions. Bing a comparatively infective and hard disease to bring around, seasonably naming of TB is critical.

That ‘s why we want to be helpful at this point of the procedure, alternatively of intervention and remedy.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/graphics/maps/large/wz-map.gifSwaziland is a little state in the South of Africa with unusually high decease rates due to tuberculosis. Bing a reasonably unknown state, we thought that the best manner to do a difference in this universe would be to concentrate our attempts on this part ; sooner proving all dwellers, but get downing with diagnostic patients and patients with other hazard factors.Table of contents

Tuberculosis 1

Disease & A ; Cause 2Risks & A ; Tests 3

TB Test 4

LAMP-method 5Fluorescence 6Advantages & A ; Disadvantages 6

Swaziland 4

Realization 4

Procedure 5Costss 6

Appendix 4

LAMP-method 5Terbium 6”If the importance of a disease for world is measured by the figure of human deaths it causes, so TB must be considered much more of import than those most feared infective diseases, pestilence, cholera and the similar. ”- Robert Koch, discover of TB, male parent of bacteriology


In 1882 Robert Koch, a German doctor and scientist, discovered the existent cause of a terrifying disease called ingestion.

This disease had gained its name because it seemed that septic people were consumed from within, with a bloody cough, febrility and long relentless cachexia.Presents due to high progress of scientific discipline, we know a batch more about this planetary disease and we ‘ve got much better resources ( antibiotics ) to handle septic people. As we got to cognize more about the pathogenesis of this bacterial infection, we started naming it TB.


Robert Koch had demonstrated that the cause of TB prevarications within the TB B, the scientific name being Mycobacterium TB ( MTB ) . This microorganism of merely a few micrometers in length is capable of doing major harm to organic structure variety meats.


Tuberculosis is transmitted chiefly by take a breathing in microscopic airborne droplets incorporating the MTB. These bantam droplets are produced when septic persons talk, cough, sneezing or tongue, doing tuberculosis a extremely infective disease.

FIGURE 1 Mycobacterium TB.

Pathogenesis – latent TB vs. active Terbium

If a individual inhales infected ‘air ‘ , the bacteriums force their manner down and spread through the respiratory piece of land. During this first phase of infection, which by and large lasts for several months, the organic structure ‘s immune system can forestall the disease from distributing to other parts of the organic structure. It does this by encapsulating the bacterium.

The formation of tubercles, the signature of TB is a fact. MTB ca n’t multiply within these tubercles because of the low pH. However, MTB can last within tubercles for drawn-out periods of clip. During this clip, the person is symptomless and ca n’t infect other people. This is known as the latent ( or inactive ) stage. In many instances, the disease does n’t develop beyond this phase.However, the infection can come on to the following phase: the active phase.

This happens when the immune system is weakened and fails to halt or insulate the infection. That ‘s why the co-infection with HIV/AIDS is such a deathlike combination. In the active phase, the source multiplies quickly due to suited conditions and destroys the tissues of the lungs.

Now the person shows symptoms and is able to infect others. But MTB does n’t merely impact the lungs. During low unsusceptibility, MTB can get away into the blood stream and be carried elsewhere in the organic structure, destructing other organic structure variety meats.


Tuberculosis is chiefly transmitted by take a breathing in septic ‘air ‘ . This makes the lungs peculiarly vulnerable to this infective disease because the lungs provide our organic structure with O from the air. Therefore frequent symptoms of active ( pneumonic ) TB are:Deep and/or bloody coughingDiminished respiratory capacityChest strivingsFeverSweat suitsWeight lossWhen the disease spreads to other parts of the organic structure through the lymph nodes and blood watercourse, other symptoms may happen.

MTB largely ends up in the kidneys, spinal cord and encephalons, go forthing permanent, disenabling cicatrix tissue with all its effects.Tuberculosis must non be confused with other diseases. Many pneumonic diseases exhibit similar symptoms, like deep coughing, febrility and weight loss. Some of these other conditions include:Lung malignant neoplastic diseaseBacterial lung abscess ( empyema )Chronic clogging pneumonic disease ( COPD )PneumoniaInfection with fungus ( e.g. histoplasmosis )Infection with other mycobacteriaHowever, this does n’t do proving on TB less worthwhile. Almost all of the diseases above require different interventions. Hence, it ‘s really of import to be able to separate between them for appropriate intervention.

Existing trial methods

At the minute, there are non many effectual methods of naming TB. One of the most common used trials is the TB skin trial. This method involves an injection of cell-free purified protein derivative ( PPD ) made from inactivated M. TB civilizations.

If a individual has been antecedently infected with TB, the injection causes a skin reaction. Unfortunately, recent surveies have shown that other things cause the skin reaction, excessively, ensuing in false-positive results.Another often used trial is the TB blood trial which measures how the immune system reacts to the Mycobacteria TB. However, the World Health Organisation warns for misdiagnoses due to the inefficiency of these blood trials. The hunt for specific antigens and antibodies is really hard. The opportunity on false-positive or false-negative consequences is high, because many antigens and antibody responses look really similar.

Two other trials include sputum smear microscopy and chest X raies. Sputum smear microscopy is inexpensive and fast but low in sensitiveness. Chest X raies are on the other manus really expensive and merely observe the presence of tubercles.

Hazard factors

The hazard for taking up latent TB is really high. A individual needs to inhale merely a few of these sources to go septic. It ‘s estimated that one tierce of the universe ‘s population has latent TB.

Possible hazard factors for latent TB to develop into active Terbium are:Peoples with diminished immune systems, like HIV/AIDS-patientsPeoples who became septic with TB bacteriums in the last 2 old agesPregnant adult femalesBabies and immature kids, due to weak immune systemsPeoples who use baccy and/or drugsAged peoplePeoples who were non treated right for TB in the yesteryear

TB Trial

The TB trial is designed with the intent to cut down tuberculosis-linked deceases in 3rd universe states by timely naming. In order to accomplish this purpose, the TB trial must necessitate the followers:It must be capable of bring forthing dependable consequencesIt must be attractive for practical usageIt must be every bit sustainable as possibleBefore traveling deeper into the trial demands, the rule of our trial will be explained.The TB trial is a combination of two already bing methods:LAMP-methodEnd-point fluorescenceThe LAMP-method replaces PCR and is used for elaboration of the mark DNA. End-point fluorescence follows instantly, guaranting the discernible sensing of the mark cistron.


LAMP stands for Loop-mediated isothermal elaboration. LAMP uses six different primers which are specifically designed to acknowledge six distinguishable parts on the mark cistron. Amplification ( and sensing ) of a mark cistron can be completed in a individual measure, by incubating the mixture of sample, primers, DNA polymerase with strand supplanting activity and substrates at a changeless temperature around 64A°C. Unlike PCR, the LAMP method is an isothermal procedure and hence requires no really high and alternating temperatures for denaturation of dual isolated DNA. Alternatively, a particular sort of DNA polymerase exhibits strand-displacement activity.

The reaction:

To magnify the Deoxyribonucleic acid, the dual strand of DNA has to be separated. This will be ensured by enzymes and unnaturally designed primers.

Primers are starting motors, complementary to a specific portion of the DNA, which grow to a Deoxyribonucleic acid strand and divide it from the other strand. A twosome of different primers are needed:Primers working as ‘duplicators ‘Primers working as ‘separators ‘Primers working as ‘loop-formers ‘In the first portion of the procedure, primers are used to organize the dumbbell shaped constructions ( 1 ) , which serve as the starting constructions for the elaboration rhythm. The elaboration rhythm ( 2 ) is where the generation really starts.

With the loop-mediated constructions playing a cardinal function, assorted sized constructions dwelling of repeated mark sequences are formed exponentially in a comparatively short clip. LAMP is so efficient that Deoxyribonucleic acid is being amplified 109 – 1010 times in 15-60 proceedingss.

End-point fluorescence

Because of LAMP ‘s high specificity, the mark cistron sequence can easy be detected merely by judging presence of amplified merchandises. The presence of amplified merchandises can be indicated by end-point fluorescence.

After a LAMP reaction, big sums of pyrophosphate ion byproduct have formed. These ions react with Mg ions ( Mg2+ ) to organize the indissoluble merchandise Mg pyrophosphate. Calcein, a fluorescent chelating agent, ab initio chelates manganese ions. In other words, calcein forms a chemical composite in which the manganese ions are enclosed which causes the calcein to stay satisfied. During the elaboration, the generated pyrophosphate ions will increasingly take away the manganese ions from the calcein molecules. This consequences in an emanation of green fluorescence of the calcein when irradiated under natural, extremist violet or bluish visible radiation.Under extremist violet visible radiationUnder natural visible radiationNegative reactionPositive reactionNegative reactionPositive reactionhypertext transfer protocol: //www.


57-F3.jpg hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nature.com/nprot/journal/v3/n5/images/nprot.2008.57-F3.jpgFIGURE 4 Observable sensing of mark cistron

Trial demands:

Geting back to trial demands, a proper trial should be:

Productive and effectual

A sensing method must be productive and effectual.

It must be capable of bring forthing dependable consequences in a comparatively short clip.


A productive and effectual trial is evidently attractive for practical usage. To do the merchandise more attractive, the trial must be low-cost and really easy to put to death. Just a few simple actions with inexpensive equipment should take to valid results, doing it ideal for sensing in rural countries where proper resources and research labs are scarce.



Does the TB trial meet the demands?

The trial meets many of the demands stated above.

It is considered to be productive and effectual, attractive for practical usage and reasonably sustainable. LAMP in combination with end-point fluorescence is known for its sensitiveness and dependable results. Some expensive equipment is required, though they have to be purchased merely one time. The costs per trial are really low, which makes the trial attractive for existent application.The trial ‘s advantages and disadvantages:


Very sensitive and specificRapid provingIsothermal procedureEasy feasibleWell-suited for limited resource state of affairss


Difficult primer designSmall ‘testing bill of fare ‘ ( non suited for unknown or unsequenced marks )Reasonably expensive equipment


GeneralFile: Flag of Swaziland.svgSwaziland is a really little, landlocked state in the South of Africa, bordered to the North, South and West by South Africa, and to the E by Mozambique. In Swazi, Swaziland ‘s official linguistic communication, the Kingdom of Swaziland is called Umbuso WeSwatini, named after the nineteenth century king Mswati II. English is the 2nd spoken linguistic communication.

FIGURE 2 Flag of Swaziland

Geography and clime

Swaziland has a surface country of 17.363 kmA? , doing it the smallest state on the southern hemisphere. The terrain of Swaziland can be approximately divided into cragged in the West to falling to low field parts in the East. The highest point is the mountain the Emlembe, which is 1862 meters high.

Swaziland has small natural resources in comparing to other African states. There are merely a few little gold, diamond, and coal sedimentations. Approximately 10,25 % of the land is used for cultivable intents. The remainder of the land is either nature or urban country.The clime is tropical to approach temperate in the West. With temperatures making 40 A°C and rainfall merely happening in summer, the state has to get by with drouths which enlargers the issue of limited supplies of drinkable H2O. Other environmental issues are soil debasement and eroding, overgrazing and decimated wildlife populations because of hunting.

Peoples and wellness

Swaziland has a population of 1,386,914 people and a population denseness of 61 dwellers per square stat mi. However, the western part is much more dumbly populated because in the West are more and larger metropoliss. Most of the population has a occupation in agribusiness, although approximately 40 % is unemployed. Swaziland is largely dependent on the import and export with South-Africa. The chief export earner is sugar, together with wood mush, but since the manufacturer closed a twosome of old ages ago there is merely the sugar industry left.

About 70 % of the population lives to criterions beneath the bound of poorness. Because of this great poorness and black HIV-epidemics, half of the population does n’t make the age of 60. Nowhere in the universe are so many people infected with HIV of other infective diseases like TB.

It causes Swaziland to go socially and economically weaker, even to the point where the long-run endurance of the whole state is at interest.


Despite of wide-spread modernization, a batch of Swazi people have preserved their antique civilization and traditional ceremonials. The two most of import ceremonials are the Incwala in December and the Umhlanga in late August or early September. The most supported faith in Swaziland is Zionism, which is a mixture of Christianity and autochthonal hereditary worship. There are besides a batch of Roman Catholics and Muslims.


In 2006 came a fundamental law in consequence after the long monarchy of King Mswati III. He was pressured in the 1990s to let political reform and democracy. However, subsequently on he came back subsequently on his promises. The legal position of political parties in Swaziland remains ill-defined. In 1968 independency was granted from the UK. The official Capital of Swaziland is Lobamba but Mbabane is the governmental Capital. Swaziland is divided in four territories in which it is governed: Hhohho, Lubombo, Manzini and Shiselweni.



Roll uping sample

In order to name on TB, you foremost necessitate to roll up a sample from a perchance infected person. Tuberculosis is chiefly a pneumonic disease, so the best topographic point to acquire samples from is the respiratory piece of land. Taking buccal cell-samples is a possibility, but phlegm from the lungs is more preferred due to a higher opportunity on the presence of TB B.

Deoxyribonucleic acid extraction

When MTB is collected, the Deoxyribonucleic acid within has to be extracted from the cells. The Deoxyribonucleic acid is obtained through a 4-step everyday process:Interrupting the cells unfastened ( cell lysis ) to expose the Deoxyribonucleic acid within. This is done by chemical and physical methods of blending, crunching or sonicating the sample.Removing membrane lipoids by adding a detergent or wetting agents.

Removing proteins by adding a peptidase.Precipitating the Deoxyribonucleic acid with an intoxicant ( normally ethanol or isopropanol ) . Since Deoxyribonucleic acid is indissoluble in these intoxicants, it will clop together.


When the DNA freely floats in the solution, the LAMP reaction is put in action. LAMP is responsible for the elaboration of the mark DNA.

Briefly explained, the undermentioned actions have to be executed:Fix the maestro mix, which contains: six primers, BST DNA polymerase, substrates, dNTP ‘s, buffers and calcein.Add the samples to the maestro mix.Then, when the solution is put in a ( dry lock ) heat bath with a temperature of about 65 A°C, the LAMP-reaction returns.


Due to the quenched calcein molecules which start to breathe green fluorescence when the LAMP reaction returns, the presence of the mark Deoxyribonucleic acid can be detected. In most instances, the consequences can be judged by the bare oculus. However, a handheld UV lamp is more sensitive.For a entire overview of stuffs and processs, see appendix.

The entire length of the trial ( in proceedingss ) :Roll uping sample 1-2 proceedingssDNA extraction 20-25 proceedingssAmplification 40-60 proceedingssDetection 1-2 proceedingss +60-85 proceedingssIt seems a long clip, though many DNA samples can go through the LAMP reaction at the same clip. Besides, when people work together, have proper tools and acquire more skilled in insulating DNA, the entire length of the trial will drastically diminish. Under normal conditions, a individual individual can prove and give consequences to about 25 patients per twenty-four hours. However, when a squad of three plants together, this can run up to 80-90 patients per twenty-four hours.

Cost overview

Roll uping sample

Costss per trialCotton swabs a‚¬0,05Closable phlegm cups a‚¬0,45

Deoxyribonucleic acid extraction

Costss per trial Off costsDeoxyribonucleic acid extraction kit a‚¬0,10 a‚¬260,00 *


Costss per trial Off costsBuffer 2,5I?l a‚¬0,05Primer mix 4,0I?l ** a‚¬45,00BST 2.0 polymerase 1,0I?l a‚¬0,03dNTP’s 2,0I?l a‚¬0,28MilliQ H2O 6,5I?l a‚¬0,011,5 milliliter EPJES a‚¬0,04Off costsHeat bath a‚¬300,00


Costss per trial Off costsStaining mix 2,0I?l a‚¬0,04Handheld UV lamp a‚¬48,00

+ +

a‚¬1,05 a‚¬653,00The costs per trial will change between a‚¬1,00 and a‚¬1,20.

Sing the off costs, it ‘s better to look at the mean costs of a big figure of trials.E.g.

the monetary value of one trial out of 1000: a‚¬1,10 + a‚¬0,65 = a‚¬1,75* A reasonably expensive DNA extraction kit is faster, more dependable and more effectual. The costs per trial include different sorts of wetting agents, detergents and intoxicants ( all in really little concentrations ) .** Primer design is a hard and expensive procedure. However, the incorporation of the enzyme contrary RNA polymerase can be combined with traditional PCR to let for the elaboration of the primer. This means that the primers would hold to be purchased one time. Merely the dNTP ‘s must be repeatedly acquired.

The costs per trial for the primer mix depend on the figure of trials executed, because primers can be amplified to big Numberss with comparatively low costs.