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Teacher Training Development: Essay, Research Paper

Man s fulfillment as a animal lies in his attainment of ageless felicity in Eden ; he works towards this end by developing himself to do him worthy of the glorification and felicity in God s company. But what is development? Development is the act by which a individual or a thing s potencies and capablenesss are brought to visible radiation and are actualized. It is the elusive end on the skyline that beckons us to make better, to seek harder, and to step onwards, ever. But irrespective of how difficult we struggle, it will ever be a measure in front of us, ne’er allowing us acquire any closer because ever there is that new purpose that is to be worked for. How does one develop his being? We are formed, influenced, and guided by the values we get as we traverse the different phases of being. As we meet new challenges, are introduced to TRUTHS, and made to see life, we become better persons but the criterions alteration with the passing of clip and so once more we must endeavor to run into them & # 8212 ; through LEARNING. Teachers, teachers, pedagogues, educators, professors, these are names that we use when we refer to the hewers of heads and the scouts for the psyches who search for cognition. They are those who have taken the duty of assisting us go what we are meant to be. They work in the noblest career of all & # 8212 ; the instruction of the universe through the enlightenment of persons. They introduce facts to multitudes, instill regulations, raising and refine potencies, inspire work forces think for themselves, and permeate the desire for religious and physical growing. On the 14th of September 1998, in melody with the fifth day of remembrance the University of Asia and the Pacific s School of Education, a colloquium for instructors was held in the Dizon auditorium to observe instruction, to honour instructors and to turn to the current issues that the profession is confronting. Human Developers were invited from all over to take part in the said treatments where esteemed talkers and observers grazed the event and where a girl, a pupil and a former-student-turned-teacher shared their ideas o

n parents, teaching, and teachers. With the gravity of a teacher s task one would say that people who dedicate their lives to teaching should naturally be highly intellectual men and women of strong character, talent, and who possess enthusiasm and thirst for knowing — this is not the case however. As we have learned from the conference, some of those who are teaching chose the profession because they didn t know what career path to take. Others that didn t have the means to pursue their personal designs, or because they do not possess the knowledge and the skill that would qualify them to their dream job ended up as teachers. The unraveling of reality to the human mind lies in the hands of teachers, so what would become of the world if we entrust it to people who haven t done well and are dissatisfied with their own lives? People are made better by education. It is great teachers that help man become what they are meant to be. Students when they enter the portals of learning look up on their teachers, they believe that what they are about to learn is the truth. They consciously or subconsciously imitate their teachers in the same manner that a child mirrors his hero s actions, they together with their parents entrust to them the crucial and most significant part of their lives, their formal education. Thus teachers not only affect them during their stay in the institutions; moreover they shape the way the learner will view life as he ventures in it on his own. Because of this a call for the revamping of the educational system. We live in a materialistic world that has forgotten or has placed the value of integrity, principles, and dreams behind success, fortune, and fame. Teaching does not offer these material gifts so few pursue a career in pedagogy, but those who despite of the absence of material rewards have embraced it wholeheartedly and those who are in the job because this where fate led them are in need of Teacher Training Development. No person can claim to have completed schooling and is therefor in no need of further instruction, may they be full-pledged professionals or fresh-from-school teachers.

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