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September 29, 2000

Ms. Jessica Leanne Moore

100 Mockingbird Lane

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Beloved Leanne:

I read an article and thought it would be of involvement to you. I thought the information provided could be utile to utilize for the junior high pupils in our math categories.

I researched criterions in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and saw that, harmonizing to these criterions, the class set for the type of math job discussed in the article would outdo tantrum for classs sixth through eighth. The curriculum criterion covers covering with utilizing job work outing accomplishments that can be used with a saloon graph. The exercising job would acquire the pupils to see the possible solutions and different ways in which to near the state of affairs at manus. The math job would necessitate pupils to explicate and reflect on their attack in work outing the job. The pupils should reflect on their attack and make up one’s mind how they would be able to explicate their concluding clearly and to understand the procedure of their job resolution. A instructor? s function in this type of math job is to let the pupils to be challenged by holding more than one reply to the job. Besides, the instructor can actuate the pupils to seek a complete solution alternatively of giving up. Clearly, I noticed that the focal point country for this math job is job work outing.

Besides, harmonizing to the Mississippi Mathematics Framework 2000, the content and procedure strands that this job best tantrums are believing about and covering with job resolution and logical thinking. Grade degree 7 would be the best degree in which to utilize the math job. The competence that this job best trades with is to roll up, form and sum up informations and to utilize simple chance. I found this information on the cyberspace utilizing this web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //

The math job that this article discussed was how fifth and 7th class pupils were asked to work out a one-half job. The pupils needed to calculate out how many yearss it would take a wireless station to give away 1242 tickets if they were to give away half of the tickets

each twenty-four hours. After the first twenty-four hours, 621 tickets remained. Then the station gave off half of the 621 tickets. They followed this procedure until there was merely one ticket left. One pupil approached the job by making a saloon graph and delegating one saloon for each twenty-four hours that tickets were given away. Some pupils encountered troubles when, after halving a figure, they were left with a balance. One pupil decided to round an even figure that had a balance down so it could so be divided by two equally. And the pupil rounded uneven Numberss up to do it an even figure.

I saw an exercising in the text book MATHMATTERS Book 1 which dealt with bluish jean gross revenues over the class of a hebdomad. In the exercising, some inquiries were asked which involved utilizing a saloon graph that could be used in concurrence with the math job discussed in the article I read. Some inquiries which could be incorporated with the article? s math job involved stating the twenty-four hours which had the lowest figure of gross revenues, how many bluish denims were sold on certain yearss, and how many more bluish denims were sold on one twenty-four hours compared with another.

I do experience the math job I have encountered would be utile to utilize in our schoolrooms and believe it is really piquant. Students from several different classs would be able to work out the job. Some of the pupils which were cited in the article thought that when they had a balance left over, the job was solved. That was non so, hence, the pupils needed to understand how to continue to the following measure until the job was genuinely solved. I believe that the thought which is involved in order to understand the job would assist them acquire experience with how to cover with the state of affairs of what to make when they felt they could non travel any farther in the job.

If you would care to read the article yourself, I have included the commendation for your convenience.

Responses To The? How Many Timess Can You Take One-Half? ? Problem. Teaching Children Mathematics. ( May 1999 ) . 534-536.


Debbie Campbell


Responses To The? How Many Timess Can You Take One-Half? ? Problem. Teaching Children Mathematics. ( May 1999 ) . 534-536