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In the summer of 2008 I worked in a private college for misss in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia. ( Due to the college’s policy. I was asked non to uncover the name of the college ) . This College offers go oning instruction and extension classs to run into the demands of adult females in the community for professional development and personal enrichment plans. In summer it offers a 4 hebdomad Intensive English Language Program. I was asked to learn two degrees ; level one and flat three.

In my degree one category. I had a sum of 9 pupils. and they were all Saudi’s: four of them were 15 old ages old. 2 of them where 11 old ages old. 2 were 13 old ages old. and one of them was 24 old ages old. All of them came from Saudi authorities schools. I met with them 5 yearss a hebdomad for 2 hours. The books used for the class was interchange degree 1. However I besides used Word by Word Picture Dictionary. Reading. composing. grammar. hearing. speech production. and vocabulary were accomplishments I taught in the plan.

Puzzle Area Generally. as an ESL instructor. I ne’er use Arabic in category in order to expose pupils to the new linguistic communication. However. I really rapidly realized that the pupils were non reacting good to my usage of English merely. I could see that the pupils felt insecure and confused. Even the simplest inquiry “What’s your name? ” was answered with caput nodding or a crooked smiling. So I used the Tarzan method. “I AM JANE” . but it was non effectual. This response was a mark to alter my method.

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I remembered the yearss in Pakistan as a kid I tried to suit in while my schoolmates spoke Urdu and I felt like an foreigner doomed and confused listening to gibberish from my position or instead seeking to work out secret codifications and think what is being said. My focal point automatically shifted non to larn the words but to seek and understand organic structure linguistic communication. And this is what I saw in my students’ eyes i. e. they lost path of words and focused on my facial looks and organic structure linguistic communication to seek and understand what was traveling on.

The expression on their faces ever seemed to state “What an Earth is she stating? ? ” Thus. I puzzled over how I could outdo run into the demands of these really low degree scholars and whether or non I should utilize Arabic in category or non. Researching the Puzzle Area I decided to experiment with utilizing Arabic minimally to promote larning English and to particularly make a comfy ambiance for the novices to show themselves. For case when I introduced the vocabulary words. I allowed them to utilize Arabic.

It was more or less a co-operative acquisition scheme. I gave them the word and defined it in English and some pupils said it out loud in Arabic assisting each other understand the new words to the full. Furthermore. I felt the demand to utilize Arabic myself when it came to learning abstract vocabulary because I wanted to guarantee induced mistakes would be avoided. I would inquire my pupils to state me what the word means in Arabic. Stating the word in Arabic myself was my last resort for I did it to descry cheque on the pupils and to further avoid their defeat.

In grammar it was a different issue. I decided non to utilize Arabic. but finally I realized it was large error and a waste of clip. Explaining the grammar regulations merely in English was doing tonss of jobs with understanding the lesson. due to the low degree of my pupils. I repeated the lesson many times talking easy with the simplest words believing that they at least understood something from the lesson. But my attempts were in vain because one time I asked the category to get down practising the exercisings orally. no 1 responded.

Whereas when I used a spot of Arabic every bit good as English in the same lesson. it was more effectual. For illustration. Arabic by and large follows the verb- capable construction. In English. nevertheless. the general construction is subject-verb-object. So nailing such basic factors and showing theoretical account sentences in both linguistic communications clarified their abuse of a simple sentence in English. Thus. the passiveness in the beginning changed ; the pupils all of a sudden got interested and active. and started to work in groups to unite many sentences on their ain.

I realized that utilizing L1 for novices was good grammar because pupils could understand grammatical constructions and pattern their application bit by bit as their degree improves. Teaching reading was fundamentally an single attempt that depended on the students’ attempts. To better their reading accomplishments they were asked to read aloud simple transitions to better their reading and pronunciation of words. However. for critical thought accomplishments. I asked them to mutely read paragraphs and so asked inquiries about the portion they read to look into their perceptual experience and apprehension of the subject.

In reading. I allowed them to utilize Arabic to show their ideas about a subject. because if I depended on English entirely the category would be unresponsive. Gradually. in two hebdomads clip the category began to open up and experience comfy with utilizing English in their responses. For illustration. in a reading lesson after mutely reading the transition. one of the pupils knew she understood the subject but admitted that she was diffident and afraid to reply the inquiries in English. This phobic disorder is a general job in Saudi pupils particularly novices.

There is a fright of being incorrect or experiencing embarrassed. So. the fact that she was allowed to get down in Arabic and include some English was a cheering experience. A pupil for case would react with broken sentences: “exercise it about exercise… ” and form treatments with their schoolmates in Arabic and inquire the instructor for the right signifier of replying. mime it. and in bend learn it. Hence. they ab initio began with take parting in L1 but grew to utilize L2 excessively after a piece. The most hard portion of L2 larning that many novices face is composing.

In the first composing category I started with the rudimentss. such as brainstorming so sorting their thoughts. The job that arose was the students’ limited vocabulary. They were able to take part utilizing L1 and began inquiring the words significances and jotting them down. It was non an effectual procedure because the category turned out to be a vocabulary lesson. So I had to alter programs. The following category I assigned them to read short paragraphs and concentrate on the construction. sentence order. words significances and punctuation. Then in category we worked on a similar paragraph but with errors and edited it together.

The pupils enjoyed this activity and used L1 to state me the errors and why it is incorrect. Gradually. I encouraged them to copy the signifiers they took but with a different subject. For illustration. they took a paragraph about fishing. and I asked them to compose about swimming. The pupils copied the exact paragraph with a few alterations. They got to larn a batch bit by bit when they wrote a paragraph on their ain. L1 was used minimally merely as a comfort zone for discoursing subjects and explicating regulations. and they did larn the rudimentss of composing in L2 at the terminal.

Students don’t inquire each other about peculiar words and constructions and acquire it much easier. In upper-intermediate group we talk in English and that’s non a job – we don’t have to explicate vocabulary or grammar in Arabic. So it’s the affair of the linguistic communication promotion in English. This manner of instruction is much more efficient. Decision Whether to utilize native linguistic communication when learning ESL pupils is a affair of changeless argument and when taking instruction method the instructor should see students’ background. their primary cognition and their abilities to larning.

It is known that the more differences between linguistic communications the most troubles pupils are faced with. The same state of affairs is observed with Arabic and English as linguistic communications are wholly different. However. from the really get downing I was against utilizing Arabic in learning English as. in such a manner. I hoped to accomplish the higher degree of committedness and I expected pupils to larn faster. But instruction procedure showed that it is normal to utilize Arabic when learning pupils with low degree of English because many pupils merely didn’t respond to my address and attempts to explicate some regulations.

I see pupils were confused as they couldn’t understand what I expected from them. The method to concentrate on facial look. non on larning words failed every bit good. When I decided to utilize Arabic minimally I saw that such encouragement appeared to be more effectual in making more comfy ambiance for pupils to show their thoughts. Therefore- . I concluded that co-operative acquisition scheme is the best method of larning novices. Native linguistic communication can be used when explicating abstract vocabulary. explicating new grammar and guaranting that all regulations are apprehensible.