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The team-based organizational structure emerged during the 1990s and was implemented by large corporations such as Ford, Proctor and Gamble and General Motors due to its success, according to allbusiness. com. The team-based organizational structure was able to address various issues within larger organizations such as internal and interdepartmental communication. It is now a widely used structure in large and small businesses. Definition Team-based organizational structure is the use of various employees from different departments who form a temporary team in order to achieve an objective or solve an issue.

The team members work together to find the best solution that works for each department. Once a resolution is achieved, the team dissolves and each member returns to her specific department, according to bnet. com. Advantages The team-based organizational model allows different departments to communicate freely. Having a representative from each department participate in the team decision-making process, allows the departments to work together for a common goal. The amount of time it takes to make a decision is much faster with a team-based approach.

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Employees feel like they have a voice so they are more motivated to accomplish their tasks. The need for a multi-level management tier is replaced by workers, therefore the company’s administrative costs are lowered, according to cliffsnotes. com. Disadvantages The team-based organizational model presents certain disadvantages. Each representative from their departments can be partial to their needs, resulting in more conflict among the team. Time is often an issue because there is no manager overseeing the meetings.

It can take longer before the team makes a collaborative decision. This can prolong resolving the issue at hand. Outcome Allbussiness. com states that a team-based organizational structure increases productivity. Using employees to form a team provides them with a sense of ownership which increases moral, performance and the quality delivered to the customer. This model also allows more room for innovation and creativity. Ideas and solutions, otherwise unconsidered, are able to form and be implemented.

Considerations. The team-based model is not the solution for every business or decision-making requirement. Some decisions need to be made on the spot and do not allow enough time to form a team and have the team deliberate. Some organizations such as the military, the police force and the medical field require leaders to make swift decisions that are expected to be implemented immediately, without question. Read more: Team-Based Organizational Structure | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/about_6619394_team_based-organizational-structure. html#ixzz1IXpmm4Ym