Last updated: June 22, 2019
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Both team sports and individual sports are an excellent way to improve our health and our physical condition. Both type of sports have benefits, but on a personal level I believe that in terms of social opportunities and skills development, the advantages of team sports definitely beat those of individual sports.

By playing in a sport team, learning how to do a teamwork is the first benefit you get: cooperation skills are strictly required in team sports because all the players have to cooperate with each others, helping each other to score. For example, when a team wins, it is an enormous joy for all the members because all of them see their roles for the win. Social interaction is very important too because being part of a team can strengthen the relationship with the teammates in order to communicate better while playing. For example, by joining the soccer team I met a lot of special persons, who are now my closest friends.

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On the other hand, individual sports have great advantages as well, that’s why so many people prefer them over team sports. By playing an individual sport, self-reliance is what makes the difference. You learn how to discipline yourself because the result of a competition relies solely on you. Being competitive can be considered a vantage as well, because it is the only way to be successful.In order to succeed, you must challenge yourself, and overcome the obstacles that you might find. When I was a field runner in high school as part of a running club, I had to compete and I had to train hard because a victory or failure was just depending on me.

In conclusion, the choice between teams sports and individual sports depend much on the personality and the condition of a person, but I prefer far more team sports because I like feeling part of something.