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Team Unity Essay, Research Paper

Team Integrity

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There were five seconds left in the game and it was our ball. The mark was 7-6 in favour of the despised Clayton Valley varsity football squad. Down at our ain twenty-yard line was the site of the concluding conflict that would make up one’s mind who won the war. The referee blows his whistling and both sides line up caput to caput. Steam coming from the helmets was a certain mark of a long difficult conflict. I clinched my manus around the ball ready to boost it. The feeling of jitteriness ran through me like wild fire. Set! Hut 1! yelled Trevor Pierson. I snapped the ball at the same time, so proceeded to smartly seek to lift out barricade the nose tackle. It was a pitch right, one of the squad s most successful dramas. We executed it every bit perfect as it could acquire. Mike Humphrey had the ball, running up the out of bounds he dodged a few manque tacklers as the doorbell rang. Seventy paces later it came down to merely him and three Clayton Valley guardians. On the two-yard line he was taken down. The out of bounds was in cryings, some of our managers were ferocious, and the others were merely proud of us to do it this far. It was a great drive that lasted longer than most expected.

Four months before, most of the juniors from the Junior Varsity degree moved up to the Varsity degree. There they joined the seniors to organize a alleged squad. But in fact it was the entire antonym. The juniors stuck together and so did the seniors. For two old ages running, the Amador Valley Varsity Football squad has won the Northern California 2A Championships. As a junior, I had many outlooks to carry through. Not being a existent squad made it harder to follow through on those outlooks.

As the season started, we had problem acquiring off the land. Team Unity was a major portion, which we had none of. We lost the first three games embarrassingly. The newspapers were already composing us off. Sports page headlines read Amador Valley: Time to beckon adieu to a three-peat We as a squad were ready for a alteration. The following hebdomad we started off with a squad meeting. As a squad, we discussed many issues that needed to be dealt with. Besides, made alterations to better on our squad unit


On the 4th hebdomad, we started a tally for the trophy. Beating our oppositions without clemency was our outlook for the remainder of the season. The last game was against our crosstown challengers the Foothill Falcons. Winner got boasting rights for a whole twelvemonth. Unfortunately we lost, that still didn T convey us down to where we started. We made the playoffs with a record of 6-4. Proving the documents wrong was merely an added fillip. In the first unit of ammunition lucifer, we bounced back from last hebdomad s loss and humiliated Ygnacio Valley. The squad smelled three-peat. Our 2nd unit of ammunition lucifer was against Clayton Valley, who beat us in an draining defensive conflict. Geting to the playoffs was non our lone accomplishment, but get the better ofing differences and going a squad was an accomplishment in itself.

Achieving squad integrity is non an easy effort to carry through. Many squads all over the universe battle because the deficiency of squad integrity. Professional athletics squads may hold the hardest clip at going a squad. When you have a ace on a squad, everyone looks to him or her to make everything for the whole squad. In add-on to being the ace, he or she tends to seek and take on the function of Mr. or Mrs. I can make it all. Furthermore, that is why professional squad with many no-name participants tend to make better because they are at that place to win and are non worried about being in the limelight. Nowadays, aces are puting bad illustrations for the younger coevals particularly because of their floridness. Young childs today try to emulate their favourite aces, who in bend forget about his or her teammates. This leads to selfishness and less squad attempt. The deficiency of squad integrity may ache the childs in the hereafter, particularly in high school.

In high school, there are many different athleticss to take from which gives countless chances to go a portion of a squad. The integrity of a squad brings on friendly relationships that last forever. Lessons to be learned non merely come from the manager but besides from each other. Geting to cognize one s teammate is on the same line as acquiring along with a sibling. Not merely does team integrity give the sense of brotherhood, but besides gives a new-found regard for one another.