Tech Ethics Essay, Research PaperTechnology Ethical motives Unless otherwise specified, the undermentioned ordinance shall use every bit to pupils, employees, voluntaries, and contractors employed by the District. Some employees, voluntaries, and contractors may hold extra duties owing to the nature of their place and/or entree privileges. Vancouver Public School District & # 8217 ; s Network ( VanNet ) is a combination of local and broad country webs, associating computing machines in all territory installations together and supplying entree to public webs. A requirement for the usage of VanNet is an mandate signifier completed by each individual requested entree to VanNet. Any usage without mandate is prohibited.

VanNet and the messages transmitted and paperss created on it are belongings of the District. The District will oversee the usage of such belongings. Ethical Use Requirements: The following are the VanNet Ethical Use demands. A transcript of the demand will be distributed to each user of VanNet. A.

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Network:1. The intent of Vancouver Public School District & # 8217 ; s Network ( VanNet ) is to advance the exchange of information to farther instruction and research and is consistent with the mission of Vancouver School District. Any usage of VanNet that accesses outside resources must conform to Policy 4396 and Regulation 4396 and that outside resource & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Acceptable Use Policy. & # 8221 ; Subscriptions to Listservs, bulletin boards, and online services must be pre-approved by the District. 2. The undermentioned points are prohibited: a.

Any usage of VanNet for illegal activity.b. Use of VanNet to entree obscene or adult material.c. Sending stuff likely to be violative or obnoxious to recipient.d. Using plans that harass VanNet users or infiltrate any computer science system and/or damaged the package components.

e. VanNet shall non be used for private or commercial offerings of merchandises or services for sale or to beg merchandises or services. B. Security & # 8212 ; The undermentioned security commissariats are required:3. Users will esteem the rights, belongings, and confidentiality of others and will non improperly entree, misappropriate or misapply the files, informations or information of others.4. Users may non portion their history with anyone or go forth the history unfastened or unattended.

5. Users will maintain all histories and watchwords confidential and non accessible to others.6. Users will alter watchwords on a regular basis. Using combinations of at least 8 letters and Numberss and non utilizing standard English words and names.7. Users are responsible for doing back-up transcripts of paperss critical to them.

C. Software & # 8212 ; The undermentioned safeguards are required:8. Users are responsible to take safeguards to forestall viruses on their ain hardware and package and Vancouver Public School & # 8217 ; s hardware and software.

9. Users shall register package with their edifice & # 8217 ; s system manager.10. The illegal installing of copyrighted package or files for usage on territory computing machines is prohibited. D.

E-Mail:11. E-mail is provided for the intent of interchanging information consistent with the mission of Vancouver Public Schools. The undermentioned utilizations are prohibited: a. VanNet & # 8217 ; s E-mail shall non be used for private or commercial offerings of merchandises or services for sale or to beg merchandises or services.b. E-mail shall non be used for political or spiritual purposes.

c. E-mail messages are capable to District reappraisal and omission at any clip with or without notice.d. E-mail shall non be used to air messages outside a school site without anterior territory approval.12. Mail should be deleted on a regular basis from an E-mail directory to conserve file infinite.Misdemeanor of any of the conditions of usage described in this regulat ion may be cause for disciplinary action. Interpretation, application and modification of this Ethical Use regulation is within the sole discretion of Vancouver Public School District.

Any questions or issues regarding this policy should be directed to Vancouver Public School District administration. Copyrighted Software: Users of software shall abide by the software licensing agreement provided by the software publisher. Without notice, any equipment on the District’s property may be audited for compliance. Software privacy is the illegal use or possession of copyrighted software and is strictly prohibited. Site Licensed Software: Site licensed software is that which can be used on any equipment at the site for which the software was purchased. This software can be copied legally to equipment at the site belonging to the licensee. Unless permitted by the license, it shall not be copied to equipment not owned by the licensee.

Before equipment is moved from one site to another, any site licensed software shall be removed. Network Use Software: Network use software is purchased for use by a limited number of concurrent users. This software is launched from a server, and concurrent use is regulated by server software. unless permitted by the license, this software shall not be copied off the server to individual hard drives or storage devices. Single License Software: Single license software can be owned by a school, a department or sub- organization within the District. Such software shall not be copied to multiple machines or media in violation of the license agreement. Private Owned Software: Software owned by individuals in the district may be brought into the district under the following conditions:a. The user can prove ownership.

b. The user adheres to the licensing agreement for that software.c.

The user has registered the software with the Software Company.d. The user has registered the software with the building’s system manager and received permission to use the software.

Property Rights: The District has the right to specify who sues its hardware and software and the information contained therein, under what circumstances, and to what purposes. Hardware and software purchased by the District belongs only to the District and neither employees, volunteers, nor students in the District have ownership rights to any hardware or software loaned to them by the District. Private or personal business use of District hardware and software is strictly prohibited and will subject the violator to disciplinary action. No person shall have exclusive use of District hardware and software unless authorize by the superintendent / designee. Data Security: The District assumes no responsibility or liability if documents stored on District hardware and software are lost or damaged, nor will the District be responsible for security violations beyond the discipline of violators.

False Entry/Alteration: No students, volunteers, or District employee shall make any false entry or alternation of any document, either paper or electronic, used or intended to be used in connection with the operation of any school within the District nor shall any student open or alter official school document or private documents, either paper or electronic. Guidelines: The superintendent/designee shall publish guidelines to facilitate the implementation of this regulation and related policies. Enforcement: The District shall rigorously uphold laws pertaining to the use of technology, hardware, and software and the information contained in them or generated by their use. Anyone found to be violating such laws shall be subject to suit for civil damaged discipline by the District.