Nowadays, we are losing most of our traditions and culture as our country move forwards rapidly into the technological era.

This is totally true because we are now experiencing the wind of change in our tradition and culture itself. Are these change will lead for the better or for worse? Just ask yourself. Some of the effect may be positive while others may be negative. However, the result of the technological era will change the patterns of social cultural for our country on the youth, the tradition and also the culture.In this modernization of technological era, the Information Technology or known as IT change the way we live, we think and also on how we act. In addition, this IT more influence to the young generation or youth in our country. This youngsters more willingly spend most of their times and minutes in front of the computers for playing the games, spend hours in cybercafes for chatting in the social networking such as Face book, MySpace, Twitter, Tagged, Friendster and so on and so forth.The youngsters today only play the games from the screen computer and also from the electronic games such as the PSP and also Game Boy.

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The popular games that they play are Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Winning Eleven, Need for Speed, Takken and so on and so forth. On the Hari Raya eve, this technological era have made new changes in term of sending the Hari Raya card via email. The users will prefer using the email rather than the card because it is saving the time, save budget and more convenience.The other reasons for the users to choose to send via email are because it is fast and also have variety of choice and colours. Therefore, the tradition of Hari Raya card is disappearing year by year.

The traditions of arts in our culture also being modernize. The youths today prefer to do the graffiti art on walls rather than the weaving, carving and crafting. All the designs usually they get it through the Adobe software that they can download if from the internet. In addition, the youths today also just listen to the western music such as the DJ remix of a hip-hop song, R n B, punk rock and so on and so forth.They do not want to hear to the Malay music such as irama Melayu asli, keroncong, joget so on and so forth that are fading now. To conclude, this technological era make us losing most of our traditions and culture.

So, we need to take care of our heritage before it is too late and become more worst and bad. We need to remember all the effort of our parents, grandparents and also our ancestors to take care of our culture and yet to maintain our image from the influence of the technological era.