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Technology and Laziness

Nowadays, everything seem to be instant and within reach.   If one wants to eat, he/she can pop something into the microwave and eat in a minute’s time.  There is no longer the need for long food preparations.  Meantime, if one wants to know the current best-selling novel and purchase it, he/she can simply check it online and have it delivered right onto his/her doorstep.  In the same manner, if one remembers a friend, he/she can send an email or an instant message and no longer need to visit him/her and share tea or lemonade with.  All these wants, thanks to technology, are met almost effortlessly.  Technology makes things so much easier for people to go about routines, however, technology causes human inactivity, immobility and laziness.

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The use of technology, particularly the Internet, has been helpful for students for a number of reasons but have ill effects too.  Because of the Internet, access to any information has become possible. Students can readily search materials for their papers and assignments.  In consequence, students tend to become lazy in doing actual research in the library and instead google and resort to internet sources.  In earlier years (before the advent of the Internet and virtual libraries), students would visit the library, search for a book and would actually leaf through its pages. Aside from this, a number of educational courses, like language courses, are now offered online. The student and teacher communicate in a virtual classroom, that is, inside a website.  Thus, both no longer need to walk or drive towards school and instead can actually lie in bed during “classes.”  This encourages both a lazy body and a lazy mind. In the same manner, work-at-home has recently become an option.  As long as one has computer with Internet and a telephone, one can opt to apply to companies which offer working at home.  Again, this encourages physical immobility, since you need not do the footwork to go to your office but instead sit right on your own bed and work.

Furthermore, the existence of the internet and cell phones cause some people to become lazy and less personal towards friendships and relationships.  There are some who are no longer driven to do the footwork to visit a friend.  Instead, they prefer to sit at home and chat online and share each other’s blogsites.  On occasions like birthdays, some have become too lazy to personally pick a gift or send a greeting card.  Instead, they go online and search for so-called e-cards or electronic cards to send on a specified date.  In addition, some kids prefer to stay at home and play computer games because they are too lazy to be active, go out and play.  They rather sit at home in front of techie toys than build and enrich friendships with other kids.

Among the mentioned effects of technology, the most serious is laziness to go about things manually, like exercising and preparing healthy meals.  Some people get the habit of heating processed foods in the microwave for most of their meals.  Eating such instant meals is unhealthy for the body and the inactive way of preparing them is just as non beneficial.  These are in contrast to manually preparing fresh foods and cooking a healthy meal.  In addition to this, instead of walking after a meal, television and the internet most of the time entice people to just sit or sometimes lie down.

Technology and its further advancement is inevitable. But for certain, this can continually encourage lethargy and physical inactivity among people. One may think, why force leg muscles when you can just click one finger?  Remote controls and ready access to technology allows us almost to be stationary; being as inactive is unhealthy.  It is common knowledge that physical exercise is a condition to good health. However the easy access to almost anything because of technology conditions people to become lazy and immobile and therefore unhealthy.