Technology And Television Essay, Research PaperTechnology and TelevisionAdrian DominguezProfessor FourzanEnglishNovember 30, 1999Technology has created many good things for humanity such as remedies for unwellnesss,ways to do transit faster and many other things. Yet engineering has besides doneinjury to human civilization, and it is easy spread to many people all over the universe. Thisdark side is communicating, either by telecasting or wireless, force is dispersed everyday. Themost affected are kids because they are immature, easy persuaded and their artlessnesscan non separate right and incorrect. Children tend to see force as a? amusing factor? andpattern it non merely at place but besides in other topographic points like school, resort areas and shops.Childs are more likely to be affected by sketch force. This is because in asketch a character can easy be destroyed and revived five proceedingss subsequently with no serioushurt.

Not merely do kids believe this is amusing, but think it is true because no 1 tellsthem that it is make believe. Reports say that this might do kids to perpetrate seriousoffenses because their is small or no effect. ( Official AAP web site pg. 1 ) Violence iswhat sells these yearss from every twenty-four hours sketchs like Power Rangers to Pokemon, each showcontains person being earnestly injured and in seconds being cured.

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Networks shouldexplain to kids that the Acts of the Apostless of force are made up: in a merriment and simple manner that theycan understand.Television force leads to many jobs. CYFC stated in an article that? Merelyas kids learn from their household they besides learn from their super heroes. ( Official CYFCWeb page pg.

1 ) kids tend to go either combatants or victims and may promote orprovoke battles among friends. Many schools began to censor Pokemon trading cards nonmerely because kids did non pay attending in category, but because they would contend eachother for the cards. This type of force is encouraged by commercials because if a kiddoes non hold the merchandise they are non cool or portion of the group. Besides the more a kidsees violent Acts of the Apostless of offense the more they become immune to it. For illustration a kid willlose all emotions and will hold no understanding to the victims of offense. They might besides believethat it is amusing and laugh at people merely as they would if they were watchingtelecasting. ( Official AAp Webpage )Violence is non merely in sketchs it is besides in films like Austin Powers the SpyWho Shagged Me.

The name itself has a concealed significance, the word shagged is nonappropriate. Their one spot in the film that shows a adult female being shot, blown up with abazooka, and thrown out a window. When the spot is over Austin asks her why Don? T youprivation to decease? Another spot shows a projectile in the form of the male genital organ and is sodescribed in many signifiers. A kid may see their parents laugh and reiterate these words in atopographic point where they should non be spoken. What if the kid finds a gun in their parent? sshortss and decides to hit their brother or sister? No longEr would it be amusing and thekid may go traumatized.

Parents, non merely the webs, should take the clip toexplain to their kids that it is merely pretend. This can forestall a atrocious accidentfrom of all time happening, because now a kid knows better.Violence is non merely on telecasting it is besides on the wireless and the music people liketo hear. Many vocals portray adult females as low animals that are beaten by their procurers orhow drugs, intoxicant and guns are? cool? and work out every job. their are times when aindividual turns on the wireless and does non detect what the wordss mean.

While the music is ona kid can be listening and easy will get down to decode what the vocalist is connoting. Asthe Child begins to do sense of what the vocalist means they might stop up practisingwhat their function theoretical accounts sing. They might utilize drugs or commit Acts of the Apostless of force because thevocalists do it in their vocals. Before a parent even realizes what has happened their kidmight hold become a threat to society.Another ground that immorality and force is spread so easy through telecasting andwireless is because all the force is justified. This means that all the combat is done in thename of justness and good in other words good V. immorality.

( Official EdmontonjournalWeb page ) In the eyes of kids crushing up other people is wholly right every bit long as the otherkid did something incorrect. Though it is incorrect a kid feels glorification and felicity becausethey are making what their violent super heroes would has helped the universe but has it done injury to the guiltless heads of thekids. Many groups and surveies like CYFC, say yes, and have used engineering tocreate object such as the V-chip to modulate the sum of force a kid sees ontelecasting. Even though an grownup can separate the difference between existent force andbogus force a kid can non and their artlessness should non be taken for granted. Notmerely are they melanizing the heads of the kids they might assist make violent membersof society if non corrected.

This does non intend that a kid should travel without telecastingwireless but that a parent should be more cautious and modulate what their kids ticker.Plants Cited? The Changing Face of T.V. Violence. ? Journal Extra.14 Jan. 1998.

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