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Technology And The Future, Who & # 8217 ; s In Control Essay, Research PaperJackie Herren ( 5 ) , 3CAAdvanced CompositionAugust 19, 1996Technology and The Future, Who? s In Control?Technology significantly shapes the manner we live today, and is no lupus erythematosus of a important influence than faith or authorities for finding how we will populate tomorrow. The interesting facet about the influence of engineering is that it is controlled by a much larger group of & # 8220 ; leaders & # 8221 ; than faith or authorities. These & # 8220 ; leaders & # 8221 ; include both persons and concerns, together known as the consumer. The consumer controls what will be on the market by doing the demand for it. Any computing machine package shop holds the grounds which makes that demand a world.

The grounds is the overpowering sum of IBM package compared to Macintosh package. The ground for this ever-increasing spread of merchandises available for an IBM-compatible computing machine and those available for a Macintosh is that the consumer demands package for the IBM, non the Macintosh. This illustration shows how engineering available in the hereafter will be a direct consequence of the demands consumers put on the computing machine companies today.

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The two demands which will hold the most impact on what will be produced are the demands for affordability and for a user-friendly merchandise.Consumers want a merchandise at an low-cost monetary value, whether it is for at place or for their concern. However, new engineering, particularly in the country of computing machines, is normally non low-cost. The consumer has the power to do it low-cost, by demanding that merchandise. For illustration, a personal computing machine ten old ages ago sold for about $ 3,000.00. Now, because of the demand consumers have made in the last 10 old ages, a new personal computing machine can be purchased for around $ 1200.

00. Consumers besides have the pick to purchase a used Personal computer, in which instance they will pay around $ 600.00 & # 8211 ; $ 800.00.The ground this bead in cost has occurred has to make with supply and demand. Supply and demand has a big influence on the monetary values of merchandises that use new engineering.

Computer companies wouldn? Ts make, or supply, 1000s of personal computing machines until a demand tungstenas made. Through the late 1980? s and early 1990? s the demand was heard by the computing machine companies, and personal computing machines went into mass-production. It seems pretty simple. The consumer makes a demand, and the Personal computer goes into mass-production.

One measure is losing though. There has to be a ground behind the consumer? s demands. Something had to go on to trip the involvement of 1000000s of people around the universe. This “something” was the computing machine companies made the Personal computer easy to utilize. They made the package easy to utilize, which made the computing machine a convenience to many consumers. Consumers began to make paperss utilizing the word processing package available alternatively of a typewriter, maintaining stock list on a spreadsheet alternatively manually in hard-to-read legers, and playing Pac-Man for free alternatively of paying a one-fourth at the arcade. All of this was promoted and sold utilizing the phrase “user-friendly” .

A & # 8220 ; user-friendly & # 8221 ; merchandise is one that any mean consumer could lade onto their computing machine and usage, without being required to read a 200 page manual foremost! Businesss look for user-friendly merchandises particularly. It? s true that the mean consumer of package bundles desires an easy-to-use plan, but when a concern invests in new engineering, they are besides puting in the preparation of the employees who will hold to utilize it. If it is non user-friendly, the cost of this preparation may duplicate in both clip and money. Microsoft Word for Windows is an first-class illustration of a user-friendly application. The prompts on the position line and the icons that give accounts of their responsibilities are two ways that Word helps novices understand how the plan works.

Most concerns would prefer for the engineering to make the preparation. It saves them money and defeat. Software companies know that a pleased person or concern is more likely to welcome future technological progresss than a defeated one.The demands for low-cost and user-friendly merchandises that we as the consumer put on computing machine companies today will hold a direct consequence on the engineering of the hereafter. The package industry? s committedness to supplying merchandises that the we ask for leaves the consumer in control of engineering in future old ages.