Technology Essay, Research PaperTo subscribe up for Easy Internet Access, merely follow the stairss below.Choose the Easy Internet Access icon from ACE or the Windows 95 DesktopWhen the Easy Internet Access plan launches, you will see a short movie sum uping the benefits of the cyberspace. At any clip during the movie cartridge holder you may snap the Stop button and the Sign Up button.After you click Sign Up, the Welcome Page will look.

Click Next.The Sign up Page will look. Choose *50 hours of free service for 3 months option.

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Click Next.( If you would wish to subscribe up for a lasting history you may make so at any clip during the test period. You will non be charged until your free test terminals. )The Footings and Conditions Page will look.

Choose Accept.The User Information page will look. Enter your name, reference and phone figure. Click Next to go on ; and, Next once more after you confirm your User informationThe Dialing Setup page will look. Type in your options and click Next to go on. The Registration system will be dialed and your user information will be sent.Choose a Local Internet Access telephone figure. Click Next to go on.

Your computing machine will dial this telephone figure to link you to the Internet.The Sign-up Complete page will look. Click Finish to finish your Internet mark up. Note your new e-mail reference and user name. Now you are ready to surf the cyberspace!* See Footings and Conditions included in this Guide.** When choosing a local entree figure, delight retrieve that naming a figure within your country codification does non vouch that the call is free. Please look into with your phone bearer to do certain the figure you have selected is considered a local call in your country. Acer and GTE are non responsible for extraAccessing the InternetClick on the Easy Internet Access from Windows or the ACE desktop.

Easy Internet Access Welcome Screen appears you are ready to surf the cyberspace! If you have inquiries, chink on the Help button.Re-establishing Your Internet HistorySometimes things happen. A file gets corrupted. You by chance cancel everything in a booklet. To acquire back working you foremost you will necessitate to reinstall the Internet Browser package that came with your system. To make this please mention to the Service Center country and the Acer Software librarian subdivision. Then to acquire back on the Internet, wholly you have to make is merely sign up once more.

See the Sign Up for Free Internet Access above.Loging off the InternetKeep a close ticker on your internet entree clip. Time flies when you are holding merriment surfing! Frequently note your staying free entree clip in the lower left corner of the the Easy Internet Access browser.To shut the cyberspace connexion, take the Hang up button. To Exit the browser and shut your cyberspace connexion, click the Exit button.Electronic mailE-mail is an electronic messages sent across the Internet to other users.

You can attach files, and download files utilizing E-mail.Your E-mail is held for you in an electronic station office at your Internet Service Provider. Peoples can send you E-mail even when you are non connected to the Internet.When you log on to the Internet and open the mail window, any new E-mail waiting for you will be automatically downloaded to your computing machine.Your computing machine has been configured so that when you register for your Internet history, your E-mail history is automatically configured.

Surfboarding and Searching the InternetThe Internet is a great resource for information. It is like traveling to a library, except it is on-line. Before you cruise on the Internet you should do yourself familiar with a few constructs.Uniform resource locator: Uniform Resource Locator. This is the website reference that tells you the computing machine s name, the location of the information files it contains and the file name. This reference is merely like your mailing reference at place. This is the reference you see in magazines and more late, telecasting commercials.

How to read an reference:hypertext transfer protocol: // 2 3 4 5hypertext transfer protocol: bases for HyperText Transport Protocol.

It tells the computing machines on the Internet how to transport the hypertext information.World Wide Web: In most instances, www represents a web site on the Worldwide Web.Acer: this is the existent location of the computing machine site that has this is an extension that identifies the type of Website. In the US, some of the more common extensions are, com = company, gov = authorities, org = non-profit organisation, edu =education. Other states may hold their ain extensions.

/aac/aspire: this is the subdirectory of the Acer computing machine which contains information. The information in this subdivision is specifically for Acer clients.Home Page: This is the first page displayed when you go to a web site. It normally contains an index of what that site has and links to travel to those pages.

Acer s place page is which will give you a complete index of all Acer s merchandises.

Search Engines: These are companies that have put together and indexed, lists of web sites. This makes it easier to seek for your subject of involvement.Surfboarding Hypertext, Links, When you are on a web page, there may be highlighted text or images. When you move your mouse over the text or pictures the pointer will alter. If you click on these countries, it will take you to another location where there will be more information about the subject.

You are being linked to another web page.SurfboardingIf you know the reference and want to travel to that location straight, merely type the reference in the Location or Address box of your browser and hit enter.Address: hypertext transfer protocol: //web referenceIf the computing machine at that specified reference is on-line, it will take you to that web site. Sometimes you might acquire an mistake that it could non link. This means the computing machine is down, busy, or may hold moved without a forwarding reference.Searching for a SubjectIf you are seeking for information in general:Log onto the Internet by snaping on your Easy Internet Access browser.Click on the Search button.Enter the information that you are looking for and it will supply you with a list of web sites that have related subjects.